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  • hindoo
    Good day to you kind sir, greetings from Croatia

    I'm very interested in beta testing of yours what seems to be an awesome game. I currently own Huawei Mate 9, ant this device would be used for testing.

    Hope you'll add me to the list. 

    Thank you
    June 1
    • TheWizard
      Great! Go to and there's a signup form to get invited to testing!
  • Cyreld, DreamHeem, yord, Reddnax, Ermedair and 12 others joined.
    Welcome, Exile!
    May 31
  • PooCz
    Hello I would to be in the Beta. I use a Samsung Gakasy S8 Plus. Do I really put my email here for all to see? 
    May 31
  • flashh
    Hello I would like future access to the beta. I have a Galaxy Note 8 (snapdragon) on Android 8.0
    May 31
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    Thanks for sticking with us for a full year.
    May 31
  • ConnorCham joined.
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    May 27