House gear discussion from discord (plus a couple bonus topics)

I am copying this discussion from the discord chat because it is a solid topic and there are some users who only use the forums. Please add any thoughts you might have on these topics. Thanks!

SecretOwl-Today at 6:03 PM
From a conversation we had in general last night: 1 global server > localized servers if possible. I would rather have a second or two of lag than not be able to play with and against the friends I have made here and on the forum. Others seemed to share my sentiment.
My thought today: Items that are crafted to add stats need to also have their minimum level requirement raised. Since this game has a large PvP element, allowing a level 1 character to equip a level 1 sword with level 50 stats could turn toxic fast. It could also drive away new players later in the game's life cycle.

Hollow-Today at 7:41 PM
Feedback from me (if it hasn't been noticed) was the distribution of house stats for tenure bonuses. If the bonuses become common knowledge, or are offered as such at lvl10, what prevents all rogues going to the best house for added Dex , mages for Int, ect. ? The variation between houses and classes could become few and far between. Outside of players choosing a house on lore, it could become systematic (I'm sure this has been discussed).
I know that gameplay is being focused on now, but maybe an interesting development I. The future for houses could be a livery specific to each house for armor/weapons purchasable through tenure/event points. Ex. House "Red" has certain looking armor with varied stats for each rogue, warrior, Mage builds. This would be different looking and different statistically than say House "Purple". Maybe as a way to include house tenure without missing out on choosing a desired class/roll out based on a lore choice.

SecretOwl-Today at 7:50 PM
While thematically I like the idea of house armors, I think they would detract from the game. The main source of acquiring new gear is dueling and playing PvE. Loot should come from loot drops I think, and not be bound by a house decision. It also feels bad to have an awesome piece of gear, but then not be allowed to use it if/when you switch houses. I do agree with your first point though. The house bonuses should be structured in a way that doesn't pigeon hole certain classes into making a min-max choice.

Hollow-Today at 7:53 PM
I should have prefaced - the tenure armor/ weapons would be something that would be earned much later in the game. As an aside to just drops from pvp/pve - just another way to emphasize house loyalty and tenure through accomplishment without the +bonus being pigeon holed.

SecretOwl-Today at 7:55 PM
The stats would need to be the same for each house though, or you end up with certain builds forced to be in a certain house. (assuming the house gear is BiS)

Hollow-Today at 7:56 PM
Correct. But maybe slightly different. So different resistance and a few other secondary stats. Obviously not something like speed% Int,Dex, ect. and if so- minor.
With that being said, maybe it isn't such a great idea lol. Because then what is the point.

SecretOwl-Today at 7:59 PM
Or assuming they are green items, just have each house set have a different set bonus that enhances the house bonus?
That way your gear choice matters still, because a different set might have a better bonus for your build, or you can choose to enhance your house bonus with the house gear.
That opens up more choice in itemization.

Hollow-Today at 8:00 PM
Set bonuses would be the interesting for items earned through tenure. Say the more tenure you have the higher the set item you can "purchase" with tenure- the more of the set the higher the bonus.

SecretOwl-Today at 8:02 PM
Yeah, since making specific pieces is through crafting, once you hit a certain tenure you would receive the crafting recipe for whichever tier of house gear is appropriate.

Hollow-Today at 8:02 PM
An interesting question to that would be- could I start an account and leave the game for 5 months- come back and have my amazing tenure bonus at a low level?
That would make sense.

SecretOwl-Today at 8:02 PM
I would think there is only one with the set bonus though (the greens), but you get common -> uncommon -> etc as your tenure grows.

Hollow-Today at 8:03 PM
Yeah. Makes sense

SecretOwl-Today at 8:03 PM
That way you can't do exactly what you just suggested lol. And a fresh account wouldn't have the crafting resources to make the set pieces even if they just sat idle.
This is why I love feedback discussions. Thanks @Hollow.

Hollow-Today at 8:04 PM
Right. It would be an active contribution earned . Absolutely @SecretOwl
Same here.
And I agree with both points you stated earlier.

drakythe-Today at 8:45 PM
Hey @Hollow and @SecretOwl if one of you gets time would you mind copy pasting this into the forums? It's a good discussion and we have at least a few people who are active there that have not joined us here who might like to chime in.

SecretOwl-Today at 8:46 PM
Yeah I will later tonight. :)

Hollow-Today at 8:47 PM
Thanks @SecretOwl


  • NezujaNezuja Posts: 90 mod
    I appreciate you posting this @SecretOwl, I share Hollow's opinion on the possibility of House buffs causing certain classes to favor certain houses. Without seeing end game though and understanding how many different viable builds there will be for one class it's hard to determine how big an issue this could be. I'll wait till the devs chime in or I get my hands on the beta before commenting more, at this point it's speculation although (I feel) it's warranted speculation. 
  • DrakytheDrakythe Posts: 204 mod
    So later on this bled into a discussion on the endgame and how to keep that interesting, I will make another thread for that along with my thoughts, but I thought I'd chime in on this topic.

    One of the things brought up in the discussion was how to avoid giving an idle account tenure bonuses (specifically House Gear). I really like the idea that the houses might give access to specialty house recipes, so that you have to not only gain the tenure, but work to gather the resources for said house gear.

    However I do have a small wrench to throw in here: What is the justification for someone not being able to craft that gear anymore? So I propose this modification to the idea of house gear, whether it is crafted or purchased with 'Tenure Points' (or whatever): House gear is a deeply held secret known only to the house Artificer (each house has this NPC available to them) and in order to contain this secret the Artisan will craft the gear for you after adding a secret ingredient you don't know, so the mats you gather are only the main parts of the armor, but not what gives it the house specialty. Not only does the artificer craft it without letting you know the exact method/all ingredients, s/he marks it in such a way that should you ever lose your loyalty to the house the armor will begin to disintegrate, eventually falling to pieces around you.

    I realize the mechanics for this might not exists, but thats my 2 cents for some more Lore handling of house gear.
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