A "Local View" for the World Map

Alas, the file size of GIFs allowed on Tumblr necessitates this one be quite small, but wanted to share how the zooming navigation is coming along. As you’ve seen before, we transition the map from a World View to a Zone View (which you’ll see here too), but I’ve made some noises about the Local View, which is what is new here. After the dungeon marker comes up, clicking it will bring you to a whole new map that will be populated with encounters (this one is not). At this Local View level, we can take players into dungeons, cities, caves and what-have-you.  

Would love your initial thoughts on this method-- feedback on this GIF, suggestions on usage, etc.

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  • NezujaNezuja Posts: 90 mod
    It's hard to get a good feel from the gif only without having it in my hand... but I think it looks good overall. The movement on the world map looks great and the zooming around and zones appearing looks awesome. If anything there might need to be a more distinguishable animation when clicking on the dungeons to really sell the map change to the new area. Maybe a zoom of some kind?
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