The First?

Hey @TheWizard ,

I read in your email newsletter thingy that your going to call beta testy people 'The First'... which to me feels kinda lame and boring. Being first is not something I've ever cared about, being awesome is. So I was hoping we could spitball a few ideas for something more rad.

 - The Decrepit
 - The Gnarly
 - Ancient One
 - TheWizards Apprentice
 - Red Shirt
 - Bug Hunter

Thoughts? @Drakythe ?

...jiggly bits...


  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 836 Wizard
    As ever, I am game, Mr Finji.

    -The Ultra

    (PS your face is kinda lame and boring)
    I'll SMITE you
  • DrakytheDrakythe Posts: 203 mod

    The Jiggly Bits?
    The Scarred ones?
    Stockhold Survivors?

    i see much potential here...
  • KingkobblerKingkobbler Posts: 23 Adventurer
    If want more Rad....How about..

    The Rad...?
    The Originals
    The Beginnerers
    The Anxious
    The Patient Ones
    But then again...I like "the First", makes me feel special, and I'm ok with that lol >:)
  • FinjinimoFinjinimo Posts: 259 Hero
    The pioneers
    The indentured
    The convicted
    The foolhardy
    The beaters
    ...jiggly bits...
  • GladorGlador Posts: 43 Adventurer
    edited April 2017
    I think "The Ancient Ones" sounds the best
  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 836 Wizard
    Finji, now see what you've done...

    The Steadfast
    Mogre Hunters

    I'll SMITE you
  • FinjinimoFinjinimo Posts: 259 Hero
    - The Brilliantte
    - The Sisyphus
    - The Forebearz
    - Those of the elongated patience.
    - Questionable Credentials.
    - Totes not Alts, Totes legit testing.

    Any like this whizz fizz? Anything but First! Lol. Actually...

    - First, Lol!

    (I can probs totes get behind that).

    ...jiggly bits...
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