Access to beta

hrbrooks5hrbrooks5 Posts: 1 Mendicant
When will beta be available, and how can I gain access?


  • GladorGlador Posts: 39 Adventurer
    As of right now nobody knows when beta will be available other than the dev team and its likely they don't have a date to tell you. You can gain access through sending a message to the Wiz with it including your Device Type/Model along with your email.

    Beta with be through the app "Testflight"
  • VarkingVarking Posts: 42 Adventurer
    @TheWizard you can click his username here if that makes it easier for you. All of the information Glador wrote above is correct though.
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  • PoeKiehlPoeKiehl Posts: 1 Mendicant
    How long before we got a response? I really want into this game haha
  • VarkingVarking Posts: 42 Adventurer
    The beta isn't available right now. @TheWizard typically doesn't respond all the time.but you get added to his list. Trust that you are on it once you have messaged him. You can also reach him on discord if you have that app.
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  • YeeshaYeesha Posts: 1 Mendicant
    Could you add me to the Beta as well?
  • VarkingVarking Posts: 42 Adventurer
    @Yeesha you have to click on @TheWizard and comment on his page that you want to be in beta and let him know what phone and what os version it's running.
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