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  • DrakytheDrakythe Posts: 157 mod
    Hi there, @blanks and @golgoth! Nice to see you. Its been something of a quiet week as summer kicks off here in the US, but I promise we're a friendly lot. You can join us on discord as well, if you'd like to chat with some of us other Exiles and even the occasional dev or two.
  • golgothgolgoth Posts: 2 Mendicant
    Thanks for the welcome @Drakythe. I might check you all out on discord sometime this week!
  • TiamosLorenTiamosLoren Posts: 2 Mendicant
    Wow. So this is certainly been a trip.

    Hi. I go by the name Tiamos Loren, used to go by the initials TCL back in the day (might've used that in the time I was a part of The Continuum). Really enjoyed it until the unfortunate news of it's ending. Ended up here because of it though!

    No, really.

    It came up in conversation, someone was talking about another Continuum game and I thought "Wait, you mean IIXII Continuum or...?" Sadly it wasn't, but kinda got me on another bout of "What happened to The Continuum/Seven Lights?" Eventually landed on the Facebook page for it (though I don't use Facebook, personal reasons) and there was a link to this place. And here I am.

    That's probably the interesting part of me out of the way though. Interested to see what comes from this project, though!
  • DrakytheDrakythe Posts: 157 mod
    Welcome @TiamosLoren! I see you've already found your way to Discord, so I won't reiterate that. But glad to see another Continuum alum make their way here.

  • ValentinoValentino Posts: 1 Mendicant
    I am Valentino Arumugam from south Africa.I am  25 years old.like fantasy.hope this is a place for that.
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