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  • Corrison88Corrison88 Posts: 2 Mendicant
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    Hello! I would love to join the beta whenits available. Been looking for a good rpg on my phone for when I'm on the go. I'm actually schizophrenic and my games keep me busy so I don't hallucinate as often. I'll be playing on a Umidigi Z pro. 
  • VarkingVarking Posts: 44 Adventurer
    @Corrison88 you need to send a message to @TheWizard with that information!
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  • Corrison88Corrison88 Posts: 2 Mendicant
    Thank you for letting me know! Got a message from him :) 
  • tarinmagiustarinmagius Posts: 2 Mendicant
    I'm tarin and have been waiting for a game to catch my interest. I also have played d&d as well as ad&d since a young age. So I'm looking forward to playing with you all.I do apologize for the short intro but got kid duty tonight , but would be more than happy to discuss any topics or answer any questions .
  • Psycho_MychoPsycho_Mycho Posts: 69 Adventurer
    Nice to meet you @tarinmagius! Welcome to the Exiles of Embermark community. 
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  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 809 Wizard
    Yes welcome! Hope you find a lot to like here. 
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  • YupTopYupTop Posts: 1 Mendicant
    Good morning everyone! My name is YupTop! (Another way of saying high-5, basically) I was reading the discription of the game, and it sounded super interesting! But there’s questions I have about it! Such as what the play style will be like, release date, is this game similar to d&d?! Thank you all!
  • DrakytheDrakythe Posts: 184 mod
    Hi there, @YupTop!

    So the gameplay style is shooting for short 1v1 combat, in a WeGo format (You select your attack/ability, your opponent does the same, and then it resolves). This will operate the same whether your opponent is human or AI.

    Release date is TBA right now. The developers just announced a partnership with Wargaming Mobile for publishing, so that is encouraging that the system is progressing well.

    as to your D&D question, similar in what way? The game will be fairly stat driven. It will have abilities. Your character will level up and grow, though their abilities and levels are probably gonna be closer to a Diablo-style game, with a Pokemon style battle system (modified to the WeGo format, with some unique initiative quirks).
  • CRAZYswitchCRAZYswitch Posts: 1 Mendicant
    Hey all,
    ive never played D&D and have no clue what TC? Is but this game caught my attention from a gaming website I frequent. 
    My RPG experience is limited to The Bethesda, CD PR, and Bioware titles and most of the big name MMO’s.
    i can’t wait to start testing and help make this game as good as it can be. I’ve beta tested/ Early accessed, soft launched literally hundreds of games in the past 15 years and am excited to contribute to this one. 
    Ive already messaged TheWizard and thank you to those who recommended that previously in this thread.

  • DrakytheDrakythe Posts: 184 mod
    hi there @CRAZYswitch! Glad to have you aboard.

    DnD and TC experience are definitely _not_ required. I'm sure your experience with other game testing will come in very handy though! 

    If you wanna get juicy details as soon as possible, be sure to jump in the Discord channel.
  • plagueplague Posts: 2 Mendicant
    I'm plague. And I want to play this game.
  • DrakytheDrakythe Posts: 184 mod
    Hi there Plague! (Please don't make me sick and die ;) )

    Welcome to Embermark! You're in good company, I think all of us definitely want to play the game. In the mean time you're welcome to jump on Discord and join in the conversation about the game before it launches.

  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 809 Wizard
    indeed, welcome to the Exiles discussions-- much going on where @Drakythe mentioned, we're looking forward to any and all input!
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  • NemesisNemesis Posts: 4 Mendicant
    *waves from the bar* 

    Nemesis here :) found this place from a post on /r android gaming. 36. Married. Kids. The whole bit. No time for any gaming except mobile these days, but I’m a huge fan of fantasy books, board and mobile games! Excited to get my hands on this game!
  • DrakytheDrakythe Posts: 184 mod
    Welcome Aboard! I think you'll find a lot of us are in nearly the same boat, so you're in good company. I see you've already found Discord, look forward to chatting with you there.
  • H4lfM4dH4lfM4d Posts: 2 Mendicant
    Ahoy. H4lfM4d! Other half... Not mad.
  • tdexortdexor Posts: 2 Mendicant
    Hey everyone, I go by tdexor. I'm a 31 year old IT guy. This game sounds cool so I wanted to give it a try.
  • MorboNinJAMorboNinJA Posts: 1 Mendicant

    I am MorboNinJA. A long time lurker on discord, and follower of the game. Avid multi-system gamer, android, playstation, pc, etc etc. Looking forward to the game's release.
  • DrakytheDrakythe Posts: 184 mod
    edited February 9
    Greetings all! Glad to have you on Embermark with us.

    I've seen Morbo in Discord, but @tdexor and @H4lfM4d I haven't 'met' yet, feel free to jump on and say hello to the community
  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 809 Wizard
    /bows low

    Greetings folks, and as @Drakythe mentioned, much to discuss on Discord and here as we progress!
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