2020 open this game ?

When open game ?

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  • MrMovexMrMovex Posts: 3 Mendicant
    Ty :) i w8
  • KingkobblerKingkobbler Posts: 23 Adventurer
    I had a solid date once....story for a different time ;), but I'm very ok with you guys taking your time, too many games get rushed these days it feels, so big stary cupcakes for y'all
  • MrMovexMrMovex Posts: 3 Mendicant
    Im w8 for test but when open test server ?
  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    We haven't announced a date yet, @MrMovex-- when we do, it will be in the Dev Updates and here on the forums. Stay tuned!
    I'll SMITE you
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