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    It was dark. Too dark. And quiet. Too quiet.

    Striking a heroic pose, he examined his new cloak.

    Finji did not know why that spirit had given him a cloak, saying as it draped it over his shoulders "oooooooOoooOOooooo... this is a cloak of siiiiiiiileeeeeence... OooooOoooooOoooo *cough* ooooooOooo...".

    But Finji was never one to look a gift ghost-horse in the mouth, and so he remained draped.

    The cloak of course, did nothing for the fact that Finji was now well and truly lost.

    Nothing for it but to wander off randomly, he supposed. Put his best foot forward and all that. He was confident that he would stumble upon some heroic action sooner or later. In the dark, alone with nothing but his egregious stench for company, Finji strode confidently onward.

    ...jiggly bits...
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    While some of the spirits Versive worked with had a sense of humor, he could never be certain who had answered his call.  From experience, he intuited that if the spirits agreed with or enjoyed a particular request they would mitigate the exertion he would otherwise experience.  Versive recognized that cloaking Finji would almost certainly come at great personal cost and he braced himself for the inevitable feeling of exhaustion.

    However, after a few moments Versive instead felt exhilarated.  Perhaps the spirit cloak he had summoned had a particular affinity for Finji.  He wondered if he might tempt fate a bit further by asking the sprit to gently direct Finji to flank the location NeoMeir identified...
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    The wizard sees @NeoMeir ignite the torch and gives him assurance. 

    Indeed, someone IS here, good @NeoMeir. But those are friends. Inside are enemies. 

    From outside the light approaches a shortish, stocky-ish, powerful-ish-looking being, clad in fur and armor, a great braided beard falling over both. He's fingering his great blunt weapon as he approaches, but his gaze upon the old man is friendly.

    "Already sent them inside I see? Must be a brave-- of foolish-- lot."

    Sending please, Graveer. We needn't alert the Thralls until we're inside. And I know alerting them is your preference, but let's be cautious until we can't be, yes?

    the dwarf sends, and the unmistakeable feeling of amused disappointment comes with it. The party immediately recognizes this dwarf as a friend-- A Siege Dwarf of the northern mountains, previous owners of this region. The dwarf deftly steps aside as he senses the cloaked @Finjinimo rush toward him, and lets the fire-haired miscreant careen off into the darkness.

    The mage turns his attention back to the entrance and sends through the wall. 

    Excellent, you've found the glyph and switch. I will send instructions that one of you 3 can execute once they are clear of the Thralls, but if they are guarding it, you, @Psycho_Mycho and @SecretOwl must dispatch them. And dispatch them silently, mind you. They are not alone. 
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    Seeing the large dwarf approach EvilTeddy smiles and pulls out another large tankard from his pack and fills with fine ale from one of his casks.  Taking the tankard over to his friend he offers it with a grin.

    When this all be over you owe me another chance t' drink ya under the table.

    Graveer quickly responds, "if you really want to get beaten for the 89th time, that's fine with me."

    It's only been seventy-two times an I would 'ave had ya the last time if ya wouldn't 'ave cheated.

    Both men laugh heartily and down their ales.
    What's better then making good beer?
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  • NeoMeirNeoMeir Posts: 18 Adventurer
    *nods @TheWizard and sheath's his blade*
  • CycotikWolfCycotikWolf Posts: 5 Mendicant
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    Turns and notices the armored dwarf. Nods at the dwarf and @TheWizard and turns back to the rubble and rests his axe against his shoulder waiting for his chance to charge in
  • Psycho_MychoPsycho_Mycho Posts: 69 Adventurer
    Understood @TheWizard .

    After quickly finishing his search on the left hand side of the entrance, Mycho notes that there is only one thrall near the glyph. Mycho then hears @Evilteddy and Graveer laughing through the walls. Instantly, the thrall perks up and alertly looks toward the sound. With its mouth slightly agape and its attention attuned, the thrall begins heading toward the sound. Unfortunately this is also in the direction in which @Skwid is standing.

    You fools! Your hearty laughing has alerted the thrall!

    With that, and not wanting to give the thrall an opportunity to alert other thralls in the area or discover the trio in its midst, Mycho readies his dagger. As he is already located behind thrall, Mycho steps out from the shadows and hastily, albeit quietly, approaches the thrall.

    @Skwid , once the thrall is dispatched go immediately to the glyph!

    With that, Mycho slides his knife across the thralls throat. He assists the thrall as it begins crumpling to the ground in order to avoid the unmistakable thud of a body hitting the solid floor.

    @SecretOwl Come help me move this thing into the shadows, we needn't alert any other thralls. The unmistakable bodily fluid now all over the floor is already bad enough.
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    With the arrival of the dwarf and the reception he had reception he had received put Glador at ease as he rest on the log by the camp. Although he was comfortable where he was, he felt he needed to start going something/

    He approached the cliff face which the climbing party had scaled and thought about climbing up there but decided against it. Another body up there wouldn't help he told himself.

    So he moved towards the newly arrived dwarf and @Evilteddy . He begun to draw a mug of ale for himself and start to chatter away while they awaited what lay before them inside the mountain.....
  • SkwidSkwid Posts: 35 Adventurer
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    *moves in the shadows and sees a small patrol coming towards the glyph and quickly but quietly dispatches the patrol melding their bodies to the shadows then stands next the the glyph melded into the wall and the shadows as I wait for instructions*
  • NeoMeirNeoMeir Posts: 18 Adventurer
    *goes back to sit next to the fire staring into the consuming flames and trying to determine the status of the people inside the fortress* "Something just died inside the wall" *looks perplexed for a moment then smiles* "it wasn't one of ours at least" 
  • SecretOwlSecretOwl Posts: 40 Adventurer
    SecretOwl sheathes his daggers and helps @Psycho_Mycho move the body out of the light and into the shadows. Then he decides to draw his bow instead of his daggers. It will be easier to stay hidden if he dispatches any thralls that appear from a distance. He nods to @Psycho_Mycho and ducks back into cover to ensure the path remains clear. He nocks an arrow and slows his breathing as he aims down the empty corridor. 
  • NeoMeirNeoMeir Posts: 18 Adventurer
    *looks around and shrugs to himself and says to @TheWizard* "It's too quiet"
  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 830 Wizard
    It's time. At least two of you must use the glyph. And you mustn't panic.

    Now-- each of you place your hand on it, and immediately bring your mastery over the Embers to center. As you do, tell me what the glyph does and I will guide you.

    I'll SMITE you
  • SkwidSkwid Posts: 35 Adventurer
    *waits for one of the other two to come to do as the wizard says*
  • Psycho_MychoPsycho_Mycho Posts: 69 Adventurer
    Mycho quickly goes to the glyph and nods to @Skwid. With that, they each put one hand on the glyph amd move the Embers to the center of the glyph. Suddenly, the glyph starts glowing in some sort of multicolor spectral. The Embers, which look hallucinogenic to ones eyes, appear to jump out of the glyph. After just a moment though, the glowing stops, and the Embers once again appear flat.

    Well @TheWizard, the deed is done and we await your instruction. The glyph glowed momentarilly, but its back to its original appearance right now. The Embers are moved, and our hands our still on the glyph.
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    It is a pity that my English is not so good to participate =(

    I can only welcome you all and wish you good luck =)

  • lbalba Posts: 1 Mendicant
    Im with thee!
  • SecretOwlSecretOwl Posts: 40 Adventurer
    Seeing @Skwid and @Psycho_Mycho have taken up post by the glyph, @SecretOwl stays in position cover the hallway. He hears movement but it is far off. Though, it may be getting closer.

    @TheWizard if these thralls have the same type of communication connection we do, we may be in for some company soon.
  • OnepunchManOnepunchMan Posts: 1 Mendicant
    im here for the loot
  • NeoMeirNeoMeir Posts: 18 Adventurer
    *motions the strange bald man to come upto the fire* Ho! There stranger whats your deal?
  • InnocentInnocent Posts: 18 Mendicant
    Aye aye, We are always ready. You call we haul!
    I am Innocent. Seriously...
  • GladorGlador Posts: 40 Adventurer
    *So um a update from the Wiz maybe?*
  • NeoMeirNeoMeir Posts: 18 Adventurer
    *trys to sense what is going on in the fortress and see if reinforcements are needed as travellers amass outside the gates*
  • SecretOwlSecretOwl Posts: 40 Adventurer
    @SecretOwl hears a thrall begin rounding the corner at the end of the hallway he has been covering. Anticipating its arrival he lets loose an arrow and reaches out to @TheWizard over the telepathic link.

    It appears we have contact. Please advise.
  • CycotikWolfCycotikWolf Posts: 5 Mendicant
    He turns from the enterance to look at @TheWizard waiting for a commands, readying his battle axe.

  • NeoMeirNeoMeir Posts: 18 Adventurer
    *Senses the movement and death of one life inside the structure* Seems that long moment of silance is finally broken. *Looks to the Wizard and says* How close are we to getting these doors open @TheWizard?
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