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  • Cyreld
    I'd be down to help test. Oneplus 6, 8.1
    June 1
    • TheWizard
      Great! Go to and there's a signup form to get invited to testing!
  • stroebes

    I would like to be part of the beta testing. I am using a Google pixel 2 phone, Android OS.

    Thank you 
    June 1
    • TheWizard
      Great! Go to and there's a signup form to get invited to testing!
  • hindoo
    Good day to you kind sir, greetings from Croatia

    I'm very interested in beta testing of yours what seems to be an awesome game. I currently own Huawei Mate 9, ant this device would be used for testing.

    Hope you'll add me to the list. 

    Thank you
    June 1
    • TheWizard
      Great! Go to and there's a signup form to get invited to testing!
  • PooCz
    Hello I would to be in the Beta. I use a Samsung Gakasy S8 Plus. Do I really put my email here for all to see? 
    May 31
  • flashh
    Hello I would like future access to the beta. I have a Galaxy Note 8 (snapdragon) on Android 8.0
    May 31
  • MorboNinJA
    Hallo, I would like to participate in the beta, currently on a Samsung Galaxy S8+ running the latest version of android: [email protected] Thank you for consideration
    May 10
  • JustinRampage
    Hello! I would love to help test the game. I’m on an iPhone 7 Plus. Email: [email protected] Thanks sir!
    April 30
  • silv
    Hi - would like to be added to the beta list. I'm on an iPhone X.
    April 28
  • lordslayne
    Hiya! Saw the game, and it looks promising. Now it got me intrigued so I wanna try out the beta and assist in development however I can. Currently using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x on Android 6.0
    Email is [email protected]
    April 24
  • gstroudharris
    Hey wiz! I'd love to try the beta on the Xperia Android device (pretty much the smallest flagship phone). Currently on the latest version of Android - and can be reached at [email protected]

    Thank you, and best of luck!
    April 24
  • davi30
    Hey wiz may I be apart of beta iPhone 6 Plus email is [email protected] thanks 
    April 21
  • SnowEffect
    Hello there, Wizard! I've been following updates for quite a while and I am so exited about this project. I would be so glad to be added to the beta list. I am currently on a 5s, looking forward to upgrade to the iPhone X. I've beta-tested in the past HoTS, Hearthstone, Battlerite, Smite Tactics and some board game with pirates for mobile, can't recall the name. Thanks in advance!
    April 15
  • KouAmethyst
    Hello! Could you add me to the Beta as well?. Currently I'm using Xiaomi Redmi 3S sith Android 7.1.2
    April 14
  • Turk
    Hello! I'd like to test Exiles when it's available. I'm on a Samsung S7 until my wife gives me my allowance and I can get a S9+  ;) 
    March 27
  • Talisman
    How there Wiz. I've been following updates about Exiles of Embark on the web and have recently joined the discord to keep more up to date.

    I would like to be considered for the testing phase, I have a Samsung galaxy S7 and Samsung Tab Pro 12 of which both would be used for testing purposes. I also have a banana but that's a matter for discord to take care of. Thanks in advance and look forward to playing EoE at one point or another. 
    March 26
  • JoseZurita1991
    Hello! I have seen the game on TouchArcade and would like to join the Beta! I have an iPhone 7 Plus, can I enter the program? A greeting
    March 24
  • bongoeadgc6
    Game sounds great. I'd love to test with my Pixel 2
    March 20
  • Wiggles
    Hi can I have access to the beta please my TestFlight email is [email protected]
    using an iPad Air2
    March 19
  • TheGT
    Could I help with testing
    March 15
    • TheWizard
      Would love to put you on the invite list-- just PM me your device type!
  • Packfan8712
    Would like to be part of the testing! Samsung s7
    March 14
  • Spoksterx
    I would like to be added to the test list. Samsung s6.
    March 14
  • observingthings
    Hello, I would love to test out the game. Im using a galaxy s8 plus.
    March 14
  • Kuro
    Hello, I'd like to be able to participate in the beta testing please. My device is a Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge.
    March 14
    Hello I'm interested in trying out the beta testing. I have an Android Samsung Galaxy s6. Thanks! 
    March 14
  • DeadAim
    Hi @TheWizard im intrested in beta testing your game :) my device is an IPhone SE and im runing the most current ios. I hope to be added to the testing list :) 
    March 13
  • kneper
    I would like to test game on beta. My phone is Xiaomi Mi 6 Android 8.0
    March 13
  • Junior
    Hello I would like to be on the list to be a tester for the game. I'm on android and my phone is Samsung galaxy s8 plus  Thank you. 
    March 13
  • Juuicey
    Hello! I would like to test the game. I’m using an iPhone 7+
    March 13
  • klipzr
    Looking to play-test exiles. Samsung galaxy s7. Keep up the good work.
    March 13
  • maveryk
    Hello Wizard Sir, Really want to try the game, maybe you can make some magic and let me in ?
    I would be very grateful, oh might one !

    March 13