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  • bongoeadgc6
    Game sounds great. I'd love to test with my Pixel 2
    March 20
  • Wiggles
    Hi can I have access to the beta please my TestFlight email is
    using an iPad Air2
    March 19
  • TheGT
    Could I help with testing
    March 15
    • TheWizard
      Would love to put you on the invite list-- just PM me your device type!
  • Packfan8712
    Would like to be part of the testing! Samsung s7
    March 14
  • Spoksterx
    I would like to be added to the test list. Samsung s6.
    March 14
  • observingthings
    Hello, I would love to test out the game. Im using a galaxy s8 plus.
    March 14
  • Kuro
    Hello, I'd like to be able to participate in the beta testing please. My device is a Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge.
    March 14
    Hello I'm interested in trying out the beta testing. I have an Android Samsung Galaxy s6. Thanks! 
    March 14
  • DeadAim
    Hi @TheWizard im intrested in beta testing your game :) my device is an IPhone SE and im runing the most current ios. I hope to be added to the testing list :) 
    March 13
  • kneper
    I would like to test game on beta. My phone is Xiaomi Mi 6 Android 8.0
    March 13
  • Junior
    Hello I would like to be on the list to be a tester for the game. I'm on android and my phone is Samsung galaxy s8 plus  Thank you. 
    March 13
  • Juuicey
    Hello! I would like to test the game. I’m using an iPhone 7+
    March 13
  • klipzr
    Looking to play-test exiles. Samsung galaxy s7. Keep up the good work.
    March 13
  • maveryk
    Hello Wizard Sir, Really want to try the game, maybe you can make some magic and let me in ?
    I would be very grateful, oh might one !

    March 13
  • vandous
    Hey, what’s up? I would love to take part in testing your game

    iPhone 7 on iOS 11.1
    March 13
  • Duksy
    Hi, I'd love to play the beta version on my Samsung Galaxy S7. Really like what I'm seeing about the game so far.
    March 13
  • bitcomrade
    Hello! I'd like to participate in the beta. Playing on Redmi Note 3 Pro with android 6. Cheers! 
    March 13
  • Snorlaxxo
    Yo, I'd love to test the game! I'm using Huawei P10 lite with Android 7.0.
    March 13
  • Killy
    I'd like to test the game. Android Oreo 8.1 on a Pixel 2. Thanks
    March 13
  • jtong77
    Read about you on Reddit!
    I’d love to help with beta! I have and iPhone 7+ and iPad Pro. Both with the latest iOS. Thanks!
    March 13
  • xelosan1203
    Interested on testing your game,
    Iphone 7 plus
    iOS 11.3 dev beta 5
    March 13
  • Slayton
    I just wanted to offer to help beta test when the times comes. I'm on a Galaxy S8 right now. I've been trying to find a good multiplayer mobile RPG for a while now and would love to give this one a try. I really appreciate how many updates you guys give and how good your communication with the community is even before release! So I've got high hopes for this game and would love to help out.
    March 13
  • minideadpool
    Hello, very interested in testing your game. iPhone 8plus.
    March 12
  • Innocent
    How do I get myself onto the closed beta testing. It would be an honor. Thanks!
    March 11
  • Jamarkk
    Hi id love to test your game in beta im currently on an iphone 5s newest ios  :)
    March 6
  • One_Autumn_Leaf
    Hi can I join the beta I’m using a iPhone X I’m very keen and interested in this rpg 
    March 5
  • Andata
    Avid AndroidGamer, would be hsppy to test the game. Cya later.

    LG G4
    December 2017
    • Djentlemen
      Hi, I'm new to this so I don't know if this is how to PM you correctly. But I would love to play and test this game. If you have an open spot. I've played many games, Rpgs are my favorite. And I haven't played a good MMO in a while! Something to play and advance with on my mobile phone would be awesome. it's always with me and I always love to take a break from life's nuances and zone out on a game. I love stories and coupled with fun gameplay...there s just not much like it in life. haha
  • sleeperx
    Hi, I would also like to join this game. During alpha or beta test please invite me to join. I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 8. 
    February 24
  • Ramizad
    Hi there, would love to test the game, huge RPG games fan with lots of free time :) 
    February 10
  • bRockLee
    Hello, I would like to try the game, i’m currently using an iPhone X, would appreciate to try the beta. Thank you
    February 9