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  • Yeesha
    Hey.I'd like to participate in the closed Beta.I ein a galaxy s8 with the largest Firmware.I already betatested other games.
    September 21
  • frehnzi
    I'm very interested in participating in the closed beta, I have an iPhone 6 in 9.3.3, iPhone 7 with the latest firmware, and a Galaxy S8 with the latest firmware.
    September 20
  • anathen
    Hey I'd like to join the beta!
    I got an aquos mini hv31 (android).
    Good luck for the development!
    September 20
  • Brendiagram
    Just like many others on here I'd love to test your game out. I'm currently running on the pixel and updated to Oreo firmware 
    September 18
    • Varking
      So jealous you have a Pixel!
  • Kurusu
    Hello! I'm on an iPhone 7 with latest iOS. Looking forward to play the game! It looks great!
    September 18
  • Wolfhowzer
    Hi I would love to test out the game I've have iPhone SE
    September 17
  • ilikeeggs
    hi i would love to test this out! i own a nexus 6p and a galaxy s4. thank you for your consideration! 
    September 16
  • Tidus
    got a samsung s8+ would love to be in the testing phase 
    September 13
  • iamAzkar
    Patiently waiting for this game! I forgot to register back then. But now I am in! waiting for it The Wizard! Please hype us moar!!!
    September 13
  • rice
    I would like to join beta testing please

    Running on a Pixel XL 120GB
    September 14
  • Varking
    Hello Mr. The wizard, sir! I would love to help test the game. I have access to a Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel and Pixel XL phones and I can update them to any version of Android you need tested!
    September 14
  • TheWizard earned the Second Anniversary badge.
    Thanks for sticking with us for 2 years.
    September 9
  • silentwater
    Got wind of this game through reddit and it looks awesome. I'd love to be in the beta when it comes out. I got a Redmi 3S Prime
    September 9
    Hey there. I'm super interested in joining the testing phase of this game!

    I'm running an LG G5.

    September 9
  • Drixz
    Hello, I just came across the latest news on the game and it brought me back to some good memories from WoW! Eager to participate in the closed beta.

    I have an iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro 10.5" and was a rogue in my past life.
    September 9
  • StarSurfer
    Hail Wizard,

    I'd be interested in joining the closed testing period of the game.

    I have an iPhone 7+, and TONS of experience with the TestFlight app. I'm also pretty good with a bow staff, and have a dagger that does + 9 dmg against Ogres. 
    September 8
  • AlexVX
    Hi there,

    I'd be interested in joining the closed testing period of the game.

    I have a plethora of devices to play on (Galaxy S8+, One plus 3T, iPhone 5s/5c).

    September 8
  • Kotoko
    Hello would love to try this game.  Have Samsung S8+ as well as Ipad pro 9.7
    September 8
  • Fiddlefoot

    I saw your game on Reddit and it looks great! I'm using a Moto Z smartphone.
    September 8
  • ryjenkin
    Super excited to discover this game! Would love to help with the development with feedback, Galaxy S8. 
    September 8
  • Morphine
    Hello, Wizard. Finally found out how to access your page to message you about this game.
    Say, I am interested if I could test out EoE on a Samsung A510FD, running Android 7.0 Nougat. Thanks! I will account on the game the best I could! 
    September 5
  • twistmonkey

    Hi there, heard about this game on a random forum and it looks great! Can't believe it's out on iOS looks insanely good for the platform. Do you know when you'll be starting beta-testing for it? If there is any testing or early access please can you sign me up?!



    September 5
  • Muerto
    Good day sir! I was having difficulty on the forum getting in touch so emailed asking about being involved in the beta, is this a possibility? iPhone 7plus
    September 3
  • Sinderland
    Would love to test this please 'The Wizard' iPhone 5 (will have to upgrade possibly!)

    not sure how to actually PM someone...
    September 1
  • aandril
    Can I get access? Android 6.0.1 - Samsung Galaxy A5
    August 29
  • SenatorGosson
    Hey there

    This looks interesting. Any advice on how i could get a spot in the beta testing. 
    August 29
  • maximums
    Please give me access, have iPhone 7 :)
    August 25
  • remsylvania
    Access please 
    August 17
  • Benefix
    Oooooo can I get access?! Looks awesome!
    August 14
    • TheWizard
      you can certainly get an invitation to closed testing! Just send me PM with your device type.
  • random_guy
    I'd like to enter the beta as well, I'm currently using an iPhone 6 Plus.
    August 6