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  • Benefix
    Oooooo can I get access?! Looks awesome!
    August 14
    • TheWizard
      you can certainly get an invitation to closed testing! Just send me PM with your device type.
  • random_guy
    I'd like to enter the beta as well, I'm currently using an iPhone 6 Plus.
    August 6
  • brutal
    My phone type is iPhone 7 :)..thx you 
    August 3
  • Shaula
    Can i test your game. It seems awesome. 
    Im on ipod touch 6G
    August 3
  • warlord72
    Can I get access. Thank you everything looks awesome
    August 1
  • Seimei
    Hi I would like to get an access, IPhone SE, thanks
    July 27
  • AbdAlWahab
    I have an 5s on 10.2 iOS 

    July 26
  • DylanMMc
    I commented on reddit and you said PM here. My device is iOS.
    July 25
  • TheGangsta
    Hey been following on TouchArcade for awhile would love to test! iOS iPhone 5s

    July 25
  • AnimalKnight
    Not sure if this is where to send a message for access but I've got an Android 6
    July 24
  • WhisperSign
    Hello, how to get to close beta?
    May 25
    • TheWizard
      you don't just yet! but if you're interested in being in closed testing, send me a PM with your device type!
    • WhisperSign
      I can't find PM in this service. My device is iPhone 6s and iPad Pro 21,9
    • faraaz96
      Can I be a tester ??
      Device - Xperia Z3
  • Fazumar
    Came here from /r/Androidgaming

    I have a Galaxy S8+ as well as a Galaxy Tab S2. I'd love to get an invite! 
    July 21
  • lba
    Looking for joining beta!

    Device: Oneplus 3T
    July 21
  • NotMagical
    Id like to join the beta too
    July 21
  • devilhnter
    Is the beta still running is so I would like to join.
    Mobile redmi 4
    July 21
  • docgeo
    Hey Wiz,

    i am sorry job and family had me gone.  I am pouring over everything and the game looks amazing!!!  I mean you 1000% out did TC from a game standpoint!  I look forward to playing!  Anything I can do to help?

    July 13
    • TheWizard
      Doc, you are well and truly welcome back! We've missed you, and as you can see we've been hard at work-- I think you'll find a lot to like in Exiles.

      As far as help, i would love nothing more than for you to do 2 things-- continue to be the Doc we all know and love in the forums (and when possible, the Discord Channel) and one very special piece that you're very good at: take a look at the lore primer and maybe make an RP thread to establish an outpost along the coast-- this lot here will jump in...
  • Chalwa
    Hello there great wizard I would love to have an invitation for early access 
    July 12
  • Seasler
    Hello iS the beta still running if so i would be happy do test it thx 
    July 12
    • Seasler
      I have an huawei p9 lite
  • satardien
    Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus, 

    Game looks awesome and would love to try it as soon as possible
    July 8
  • Stavlin
    Can I be added to closed tedting? I have an LG Stylo 2
    July 4
  • Stavlin
    Can I be added to the beta?
    July 4
  • BouncyKn1ghg
    Hello, may I join the beta on my Samsung J7 Prime?
    July 1