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  • Ramizad
    Hi there, would love to test the game, huge RPG games fan with lots of free time :) 
    February 10
  • bRockLee
    Hello, I would like to try the game, i’m currently using an iPhone X, would appreciate to try the beta. Thank you
    February 9
  • H4lfM4d
    I'm on a quest to play the best mobile game in the world. 


    I invite you to throw your hat in the ring!

    Lots of PC beta experience, from Puzzle Pirates to WoW to WoWs. Broad spectrum of funky hardware. Currently in Aquila and recently Exogears 2 early access providing feedback.

    Thank you for your time,
    February 8
  • Tzavok
    Heyo, I'm interested in joining the tests, found the game thanks to your post on r/AndroidGaming, hopefully I can join, my device is a Moto G5 Plus. 
    February 7
  • Seaweedbrain
    Hi wizard
    been following the status of the game via the Facebook page and I would be intrested in testing if you are still looking for testers. I have a IPhone 6s
    February 6
  • Nemesis
    Hoping to get into testing :) nexus 5s phone and galaxy tab a tablet
    February 6
  • OnepunchMan
    i saw your recent post on the ios gaming subreddit and would like to test your game. Im playing on an ipad pro 12.9 inch. 
    February 5
  • DeadlySpoon
    Would like to sign up for testing. This looks promising. iPhone 6s+ and iPad Pro 10” are my main devices. 
    February 5
  • bigpapasmurf6
    Would love to test your game. Big lineage revolution player prior to that was puzzles vs dragons 
    February 5
  • djcorndawg
    Would love to test game. Have multiple phones/tablets to try on.
    February 4
  • Scorpo
    Hi @TheWizard ! I am interested in helping out with closed testing and giving feedback for improvements. I am currently using a HTC U11, Android Version 8.0.0. Hope to hear from you soon! 
    February 4
  • Labysse
    I’d like to join the beta. iPhone X 64GB on iOS 11.2.5.
    February 4
  • MimeTime
    Posted on reddit on your post was told to come here to get into closed beta, I have an iPhone 8+ on 11.2.5
    February 4
  • itsJRO
    I'm interested in Beta. iPhone 6s+ iOS 10. Same name on Discord. Thanks Wiz
    February 3
  • welshwarlord
    Welshwarlord I'm interested but a trial first would be good
    February 2
  • plague
    Beta? Lg stylo3
    January 30
  • TheWolf23
    I would like to join beta :) iphone 8+ here on latest ios
    January 23
  • Adalyn
    I would like to join the beta, iPhone 8+ iOS 11.2.5
    January 13
  • UndeadDragonKing
    I would like to test this game. I have iphone6 ios11
    January 8
  • Tantales
    I volunteer for beta testing sir!  iOS 10 iPhone 5S.  
    January 6
  • MysticcFrog
    I would love to take part in the testing of this game! iPhone 6S
    January 1
  • siencyn
    Like to be included in the testing. 
    December 2017
  • CRAZYswitch
    I wold love to test the game. Have participated in more Beta, Alpha, EA, softlaunches than I can count and have always given feedback. 

    Iphone 6S

    December 2017
  • Andata
    Avid AndroidGamer, would be hsppy to test the game. Cya later.

    LG G4
    December 2017