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  • Re: DESIGN QUEST: You design the Zone (HOME THREAD)

    So I'm going to throw a bunch of answers at you, that might come with multiple answers that might need more information from a wizard. But let's see what we can figure out and narrow down.

    1.Within the geography of the Zone, what do you see? Is it uniform, varied or somewhere in between-- describe.

    From looking at the coloring, which could be for multiple reasons, I have a few ideas. The first though, the area appears have much less flora then areas to the north and east due to the brownish coloring. The lighter lines and areas crisscrossing the brownish area could be signifying mountains or valleys. It's hard to tell without a little background on the geography.

    But from looking at the whole map, the coloring gets more bleak at you go from the northeast to the southwest. This could signify that whatever caused the collapse either happened in the north-east producing much flora, or happened in the south west killing off all the fauna. My thoughts for this come from the fact that there is a lake there, and no signs of green around the lakes edge.

    The other idea, which also makes sense to me, is the coloring is just based on the difficulty of the zone. The lighter/brighter areas are the easier areas, and the bleaker areas are harder areas.

    Either way though, the zone appears to be a bit mountainous. Which would invite the possibility of many paths to choose, with many secrets hidden through the mountains. Caves galore would litter the zone with unknown enemies and rewards. 

    [] As an adventurer, what do you like best about the Zone? What do you fear or despise?

    It looks almost barren due to the coloring. Which could mean it would harder to survive there. That would signify that anything you do encounter, is going to be more then a challenge. So harder enemies are always something I enjoy.

    If there are secrets paths and caves. Returning to an area again and again in hopes of discovering hidden areas and caves would be really interesting.

    [] What would you like to FIGHT here?
    I would expect to encounter stronger adversaries here. It feels like an area I might encounter dragons or dragonkin. Plus there are always Dwarves in high fantasy games, which could inhabit this area. 

    If the area is mountainous. Maybe there are constructs or golems made of ore formed by magic during the collapse that wander the area. Killing them could drop crafting resources.

    A Bandit like enemies are always a worry, especially when you don't know whats around the next corner.

    Hard shelled enemies like scorpions are always a though in zones like this. Plus creatures that travel through the ground like a worm. Like the Ankheg from D&D.

    [] How could one make a quick coin around here?
    Gathering crafting materials, because the area looks like somewhere I'd go to mine metal. Defeating creatures around the areas will usually be a way to make some cash through the loot you receive.

    Spelunking into the cavernous around is bound to reward you with vast rewards, or dangerous enemies. 

    [] If you went underground, where would the caverns take you?
    Anywhere. I could envision the entire continent atop a latticework of caves and caverns that have been forgotten about since the collapse that used to run from one half of the land to the other. There could be an entire city deep underground under the lake, drawing from the lake as their source of water.

    The underground areas are always limitless with possibilities.

    [] How do you travel within and across the area?
    Across the land would probably be the best known and safest way. Caves are easily taken back by new inhabitants, making them unreliable means of travel unless well guarded. But the area looks like there would be no "safe" way. To travel this land is to expect trouble.

    [] Who is here recently? Who's been here forever? Who shouldn't be heeeerrrre...?
    Who was here recently? Darggie. He did a bit of scouting a few months back, made a small map of the area, spotted a few caves, then scurried back before anything huge decided to eat him.

    Who's been here forever. Well I'd expect if the area is mountainous, there might be some old ancient beasts or dragons atop or near the peaks of the mountains. Plus deep underground could be a whole different story. An entirely new race of creatures of people could be living in cities deep underground that have been there for ages. So deep and far underground, they haven't even heard of the collapse yet.

    Who shouldn't be heeeerrrre...? Well anyone without a big sword probably. But I imagine there are some people out there up to no good doing secret things in the region hidden from prying eyes. As to who, and why? I'd need a bit more information about the lore as a whole to start building something out of that.

    [] What's been left behind?
    Old cities or Houses built above ground may be in the area. Depending on outside factors, everything in the zone may have been forced to have a quick retreat, or been killed in the collapse. Their could be libraries full of old knowledge crumbling to dust in city ruins just waiting for someone to save them.

    [] Where is there safety? Why is it safe? What is it safe from?
    The edge of the area, closest to the water and the greener zones is all the safety one could hope for in this area, not that anyone would call anywhere here "safe"

    [] If you've just arrived, what would you head for first, and why?
    Well Darggie's last trip around the area had him near the lake first, resupplying on water. Then he wandered, taking what trails looked least used and made his way toward the center of the area slowly but surely making note and maps of things along the way.

    Side note idea: If you do have hidden caves and things. Maybe you guys should developer a "Search" system. Where when you get to a zone, there is a basic way through the zone that most will travel. Then you can "Search" around in the zone as you get through it. You'd have a chance to discover hidden paths and secret caves. Some of these paths and things may only be able to be found after you've uncovered a specific piece of lore that lead you to look that way. There could be dozens or hundreds of secrets in each zone, but they may take a lot of searching to find. Just a thought I had.
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  • Re: Wishlist for mobile games

    I wish I had a mobile game that had depth, that had a community, and that could keep my attention for more then a month.
  • Re: ICONS (Super Early) - Which Of These Do You Like Best?

    TheWizard said:
    ...soooo that means you don't like the 4th one i just added, @Darggie?
    No, I actually do like the 4th one. Because the picture of a face, or a helm, doesn't actually convey a whole lot.

    I'll break down my opinions for each and why I like/dislike each to a greater degree,

    This is a very Basic Icon. It doesn't give the wrong impression about the game, there is nothing sneaking or enigmatic about it. The P is the first letter of the game, so it clearly conveys it's purpose if you've read the name of the game.

    There is no hints on the icon that the game might be a different type of game. You don't look at the huge P and think, mystery game.

    I don't like this one as much, because it's a Face. A face doesn't give any focus or emphasis on the game or what type of game it is at all.  You either know from experience what the icon means, or you don't. 
    If someone says hey, load Paragons and check it out when handing you their phone. This Icon won't jump out at them over other icons as being the correct one, without the game being labeled as well. 

    Which is different from the P, because if you're looking, don't see an icon named Paragon, you might still figure, oh, big P. Probably what they are talking about.

    Edit: Now if the face, is a common face you see in the game. Like a guide, or someone you talk to frequently. It's not as bad. Because those who already play and experience the game, understand the meaning behind the icon to a much greater degree. But those who has never played it, still get no meaning from the icon, so it is, in my opinion the least likely icon to attract new players.

    I feel like this one a little bit more but, it could mean anything. True, it does conveys a medieval-ish/gladiatorial like thought upon seeing it. As well as the Helm might convey leadership, where you command people or give orders. Which falls in line with your camp system from what I have read. 

    But the game is more then that.TheWizard said:

    This one is my second favorite, right behind the P.  

    The thoughts are similar to one above, but the added swords adds a bit of knowledge that the Helm might not mean leading, or not "just" leading. It clearly portrays combat and action.

    If someone told me to guess which Icon on their phone for the game Paragon, out of a decent sized list. The large P would stand out first. Then if, as most people do, and someone had given me a brief introduction to what the game is, this one would stand out second.
  • Re: What's most important in a RPG?

    Character development for me.

    As a D&D player, the most enjoyable part is starting a character with a very loose background. As you play the character, it develops it's own unique style and personality. You get to write the story for each character, and learn the background, personality, and mind of each one with every battle, every conversation, every roll of the dice.

    I've played under multiple Dungeon Masters who had very different approaches. Some focused a lot of combat and battles to keep things interesting, and others have had 6 hour long sessions entirely out of role playing without any combat.

    Both were exciting experiences, that developed characters more then imaginable.