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  • Re: A Graphic For Martial/Magic/Mystic

    Personally I like this one the best. Its clean and too the point, and the arrows I think fit the theme better.

  • Re: Hellos - Introduce Yourself

    Welcome, @Baronsasky and @Mortal, glad to have you aboard! Feel free to check out Discord and chat with us anytime :)
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    Welcome @TiamosLoren! I see you've already found your way to Discord, so I won't reiterate that. But glad to see another Continuum alum make their way here.

  • Re: What's most important in a RPG?

    Zeabeon said:
    Development of your character is very important in a rpg. I don't like it when every wizard is built the same way, because someone figured out the perfect way. I like it when there's no perfect characters. Everyone is very different and play very different ways. Jack of all trades and experts of a certain skill.

    I know its been a while but I've been playing D3 with my wife recently and wanted to chime in on this. The more I've played and read up on D3 (specifically PC D3) the more I appreciate that though all characters of the same class get the same abilities/runes/etc they can be easily customized via rapidly changing out skills to compliment current gear. In addition Blizzard keeps introducing new ways to fine tune Characters (Kanai's Cube, in particular). I love the idea of there being no 'perfect build' but if the game is static that won't be possible, so I think for character development to mean anything you guys (the devs) will have to commit to allowing some pretty rapid changes and everything having a weakness (rock/paper/scissors/lizard/spock?)

    While the above makes it seem like characters will all end up having the same look/feel eventually, I think character development could still be made via story/unique choices that let us tell our own story, and that is important, I think. Let us make the character's our own, through skill/gear selection as well as story moments.
  • Re: What's most important in a RPG?

    This is a super hard choice for me, but for a videogame I have to vote combat. Story is all well and good, and character development too. But if the gameplay of the game is dull or lacking, then I'd rather read a book and I have a very good chance of giving up and going to read the story on the game's wiki.

    Now all that to say that an interesting world will grab me faster than anything, in just about any medium. From RPG Systems (Numenera's The Ninth World and The Strange are two I love, The Strange in particular is begging for a TC supplement, I think...) to Books (Warhammer40K Grimdark through the Steampunk/Darwinism of The Leviathan Trilogy, all the way to the Tolkein/Rothfuss/Sanderson mythology level worldbuilding of the Greats) through TV shows and Movies (GitS, Blacklist, the consistency of the MCU, all fantastic world building). If you can grab my interest with the lore of the world, you've earned my loyalty and a space in my memory, though perhaps not my game playing time (I love the stories that come out of EVE, but I don't play the game myself).

    So grab my attention with the Lore, keep it with the Combat (super important in a game), and then hand me an opportunity to make meaningful choices* for my character on top? I love it. Thats the recipe for my long term investment in a game/world.

    *and I mean friggin meaningful here. None of Skyrim's "You're the Archmage now!" run into a wizard, at the mage's tower, which you are now theoretically in charge of, and get a "who the !#$( are you?" in response. That stuff is cute, and fun, but its all window dressing and not very meaningful except for the loot. (AKA worth my time once)