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  • Re: What are you playing currently? (like RIGHT NOW)

    Jointx said:
    On mobile, eternium and soul knight =)

    Varking said:
    I am currently playing Last Day on Earth and Crusaders of Light.
    Aaaaand now I have new games to check out. Thanks!
  • Re: Hellos - Introduce Yourself

    Holy cow! Welcome, @StarSurfer, @Pneumos, @Muerto, @Fiddlefoot@Morphine, and @SenatorGosson!

    I've seen lots of you on Discord already, which is awesome! Welcome to the community and glad to have you all aboard!

  • Re: Hellos - Introduce Yourself

    Welcome, @Baronsasky and @Mortal, glad to have you aboard! Feel free to check out Discord and chat with us anytime :)
  • Re: What games (of any kind) have given you the most satisfying gaming experiences?

    @TheWazard, E.T. for the 2600.  Most satisfying game ever.  Lived up to the hype.  I bought two copies.

    Have you never played either of the US Ogre Battle games? March of the Black Queen is for SNES and PoLC is N64. Really interesting squad based 'hands off' tactical games, you should look them up (You configure your squads composition and tactics, but they play out the battle outside of your direct control"
  • AMA #2 Transcript

    Below is my best shot at a transcription of the AMA. My apologies for being so late about it. If you think I missed anything, or you have a question that was not answered, please feel free to comment below. If you'd like to review the complete AMA, bunny trails, loot rolls, and other shenanigans, jump on to discord and browse the #ama channel. The following is edited for typos and formatting.

    What is the general design direction for rogues? How will bow rogues differ from stabby rogues?
    Rogue are very different than what you've seen from the Warriors and Mages. Where the Warrior has builds for damage and defense, and Mages have glass cannon and crazy buff/debuff effects, the Rogue has a ton of nuance.
    His are combinations-- the stealth + backstab, the follow-ups, the set em up knock em down
    Right now, there isn't the concept of ranged weapons, @SecretOwl, but i'll explain in terms of his specialty trees:
    Where the Assassin is about crits and damage, the Shadow is about stealth and surprise effects and the Thief is about screwing with your mind
    remember, your gear has a bunch of effects on what to use (there's a stat question coming up which will give you more clarity on that comment)

    Via Reddit:
    "About how many pieces of equipment will a character have?”
    TONS. There's 13 slots for equipment and you will need all sorts of different gear to be successful in different PVE and PVP situations

    Via Reddit:
    "How many different stats are there?”
    Via Reddit:
    "Are they more in depth than just int increases magic damage?”
    Yes, there are 2 to 3 effects for each of the core stats (like STR, INT, etc). Without getting into all of them, here’s an example: Strength does indeed increase weapon damage (as you’d expect), but a percentage of STR is also added to your HP, and it also reduces damage from Cold and Crushing sources. Each of the stats helps with some kind of specific resistance. Our aim there is to give each of the stats relevance to all the classes in some form or fashion.(edited)

    Via Reddit:
    "What features in the game will allow my character to be unique?”
    Well, this will be an increasing list, but your name, your load outs, your build, your House choices, your Motivations and your performance will all go into making your character unique. We will also be adding visual distinctions over time.
    bigdirtymitch: yea, face presets, hairstyles, etc. being able to make your character looks unique from everyone elses

    Other then the card game what extra leisurely activities are you considering adding into the game

    Via Reddit:
    "Approximately how many turns would a pvp encounter have?”
    We’re seeing most evenly matched battles go about 6 or 7 rounds. at about 10 seconds a pop, that ends up a little over a minute

    so 3-4 turns per player?
    ah, glad you said that @Twitch. No. every round, BOTH players go. it's a WEGO system. not i go, you go

    Is that with the variance added by the deck mode?
    Singme Asong:
    @SecretOwl early testing is showing Deck Mode at around the same round duration

    that begs the question how simultaneous lethal dmg will work
    @Twitch, there is initiative, so in that scenario whoever won intitiative would win
    SPD matters!

    When can we expect the first closed beta relase? What are the advantages of being the "First"?, will you reset the progress from closed beta?
    @bitmap i don't have a date for you, but we will be rolling it out in small chunks before we invite everyone. Advantages to being among The First are both recognition and STUFF, but we'll post that when we get there. Yes, we will reset many times during closed testing.

    Via Reddit:
    "In what way will we be able to bring strategy into our pvp encounters outside of just debuffs, heals, and doing damage. Is there any buildup? In what ways will we be able to outplay our opponent?”
    Yes, there are Abilities and Talents that have buildups or combos. A couple of examples of this are Charges and the talents in the Berserker tree. With Charge you can lay stacks of it (if you’re a Mage) on a foe and use another Ability to use the Charges to deliver devastating damage. With the Berserker tree, many of the talents (and some of the Abilities) don’t kick in unless you’re hurt! And then you flip out and do horrible things to the opponent.

    Via Reddit:
    "What kind of balance will be struck between free to play players and those who buy chests or whatever the mechanism is for getting in game items?"
    Free players can play and quest and loot all they like. Will paying players get more loot faster? Yes. Might they get better stuff faster? Also yes. But they can find the same stuff in most situations (events excluded)

    Will players be evenly matched in ranked matches or will it be based on record?
    @Hollow the ranking system will match you in ranked play (+/- 1 of your Rank)
    but in Normal and Search bouts, you can be matched on various criteria like level, House, Class, etc
    Singme Asong:
    @Hollow we want to match you as fair as possible as fast as possible, so in ranked we start with +/- 1 range and expand that outwards to get you into a match quickly if no one fits that criteria. we may expand the smarts of the matching system to look at things like relative power of gear, time played, and other aspects of the proposed opponent as well but as the Wizard said, in normal you can search for an opponent by criteria of your own choosing, including level, affiliated house, rank, etc