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  • Re: What are you playing currently? (like RIGHT NOW)

    Myran said:
    mmos need loyalty of committing to a group for hours and that's what's makes group play rough.
    This is precisely why I stopped playing MMO's, it stopped being fun and became a chore because the game catered to those who spent lots of consistent hours in game, leaving behind the casual players who just liked the world/social play. I love the concept but I can't devote that much time to anything outside of my job and family.
  • Re: What are you playing currently? (like RIGHT NOW)

    Hawkeye said:
    side note: I've  played OPTC for two years straight and still love it. Play it more than any other game. Console included.
    Alright I'm just impressed enough to check this out.

    I love the combat in Dark Souls, I need to play it more, but right now Zelda has my number pretty hardcore (And the combat in it is the best its ever been in a Zelda game, I think).
  • Re: AMA Transcript

    Singme Asong -
    Give level-capped players access to an infinitely replayable PvE loop
    To give non-level-capped players the aspiration/incentive to reach cap
    Provide the player with unique loot and advancement beyond Level
    Hopefully bridge the level capped players over to PvP

    Endgame Effects on Stuff:
    House - callouts in leaderboard for max characters, unique quests/events/items
    Followers - passive increases to your followers that up the chance of good things and lessen the damage of bad things related to that system. New followers available to recruit. Unique missions to send them on for rewards at rare crafting mats/items/gold etc.
    Recipes: Level cap only recipes can now be obtained by the player
    Gear: Level cap only Legendaries will now drop. These drops could change from season to season.
    Core Stats: potential account wide bonuses to all characters (in PvE play) to help inventivize leveling of additional characters.

    Singme Asong-
    EndGame Systems we're working on/considering:
    Solo play Dungeons against Max Level NPCs:
    - These are close to your typical MMO dungeons that are wrapped around a narrative and based in a single location in the game world which can be run multiple times for chance at epic/legendary drops. They also have a chance to drop you a currency(key) to get into another system which is, Horde Dungeons.
    Horde Dungeons:
    - For admition to the Horde Dungeon the player must cough up a Horde Dungeon Key. In a Horde Dungeon the player must fight against 20 randomly generated max level elite enemies and 1 boss. After every battles the player's health is returned to full. The boss has a chacne to drop cool loot. Thinking of doing leaderboards for these based on things like, turns it took to complete, damage taken, etc. and one more i'll put in a message to appease your waiting

    Singme Asong-
    Raids: - The idea behind these is take your House and turn it into your Raiding Party. You will have some fassion to "queue for raid" before it starts. They start at specific times during the week and run for 24hrs. Each Raid consists of Wings which are in turn made up of several Sections. Sections contain many trash mobs/elites/Mini-Boss. Your House must beat all of the enemies in each Section to unlock the next. There will WAY too many mobs for you to kill alone but you will be able to kill severael of them in an overall effort with your House mates to be successful. Clearing all sections in the Wing before the 24hrs is up means your House will get to play the next Wing the following time. If all of your House members die in an attempt that is a Party Wipe and you must start the Wing over from scratch. At the end of the Raid or party wipe you'll get a detailed report with stuff like: dmg dealt, damage taken, turns taken, hits landed, hits avoided etc. The number of enemies that get populated in Wing is determined proportionally to the population of the House that queued for Raid so we don't have to worry about varying population among Houses. Boss's HP are calculated in the same fashion and everyone in the party must contribute damage to see him fall. THEN YOU MIGHT GET SUPER COOL STUFF

    There's also some other stuff: daily quests, character slots, Seasonal PvP rewards. Organized Play events

    Will u be able to pre sign in for raids so if not on your time can still participate
    Singme Asong -
    yes, you'll have to mark yourself as "I want to raid" before the 24hr period begins so the system will know how many dudes to spawn and what health to set boss's to 
  • Endgame Engagement

    Bit of precursor/setup for this conversation. After/during the discussion about House Gear I brought up the question of whether or not the game would support Vanity armor. @SecretOwl correctly brought up that this would have a negative impact on the previously dev stated ideal that a player's gear should give an opponent an idea of their build/stats. My counter-argument to this is that if a build or couple of builds become prominent, then its going to cause everyone to begin to look the same and remove some of the 'Role Playing'-ness of the game. I think we seemed to come to an agreement that as long as there was a 'peak' function that would allow you to view your opponents actual gear then vanity gear would be helpful because it would encourage playing/crafting gear to outfit a character in a unique way, much like WoW's transmogrification update encouraged players to go back and run dungeons to gain unique pieces of gear, regardless of stats (because WoW began to experience the 'everyone looks the same' bit I was worried about.) For this bit another player mentioned perhaps the ability to 'scout' an opponent before the battle, which again would allow you to see their actual gear instead of vanity gear.

    On this note: House vanity gear would be awesome because it could allow each house member to outfit themselves in a way that represented their house's ideology (e.g. a set of vanity plate mail for members of the Sword 'n Board house, a Cloak and Cowl getup for members of the Snake and Dagger house). It would also provide something for players to do in their downtime... which leads into the question @TheWizard asked "So lets talk about what endgame SHOULD do to keep an enthusiast engaged"

    So fellow Exiles, how do you think the game should keep players engaged? Below are my thoughts, but I'm one person, so definitely chime in with your own ideas, and express any thoughts you might have on the proposed ideas. If a particular idea takes off, we might consider starting another thread specifically for that.

    My thoughts:
    House vanity gear: (Specific Idea) Once you reach a certain tier in the house you gain access to the house regalia crafting plans. As previously stated this gear would reflect the ideology of the house. 

    House Honor Quests: (General idea with specific goal) Each house has an ideology and desire to increase their fame/honor/prestige/reputation among those living in Embermark. Toward this end each house could offer themed quests to its members: protection, revenge, discovery, etc. (I'm still not totally up to date with the houses, so this is broad scale guessing on themes).

    House Sabotage Quests: (General Idea with specific goal). This is the inverse, and specifically PvP themed, verison of the above. Each house might wish to hinder the others in specific ways, and thus will dispatch their members to attack other house members, sabotage other house efforts (Interesting idea: success/participation of these quests might dictate the difficulty other house's Honor Quests are. this could offer a sort of Meta House compeition).

    Follower Recruitment/Improvement: (Specific idea, general goal). The game I find myself playing most right now on iOS is Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Its a now standard Dungeon Boss/Summoner's War clone with a SW theme, but the thing I like about it over those is there is a way to very deliberately work toward recruiting/improving a broad number of characters. This means that each day I may not hit a particular goal, but I am making measurable progress. In that same vain there could be quests specifically to help recruit a powerful follower, or to improve the effectiveness of another follower.

    Lore Quests
    : (Very general wish) As I'm guessing the Lore of this game will be deep and expanding, quests allowing us to discover more lore about particular regions of Embermark. This could also be used as a launching off point to discover even more quests. (So moving from general knowledge of an area to a specific story/lore reveal quest).

    Arena: (PvP for Resources/Loot) Some enterprising individual somewhere set up an arena where those who enjoy it can participate in combat against others in return for rewards. This idea sprouts directly from the arena in GoH where you fight for rank, and at a certain time of day/week you are rewarded with resources based on that rank. The one aspect of this I don't like is that it has the potential to allow for snowballing (e.g. a player who attains a high rank gets more resources that allows them to increase their ability to maintain that rank, while lower ranks get fewer resources, and therefore increase the already existing power/resource gap. So it needs to be balanced) 

    I would also LOVE to see the endgame engagement be a mix of PvP, PvE, Crafting, Story, and misc quests with a variety of goals.