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  • Re: Did a demo for TouchArcade at GDC

    Personally, I like that you kept mentioning a game that you could play in about a minute.  I mean most of the time the only time i play games on my phone is while I am pooping.  Try to keep the game load times down too so I am not done before the game even finishes loading.
  • Re: DESIGN QUEST: Flora/Fauna in the Zone

    Above the tree line only some of the most resilient of grasses can be found.

    At the tree line can you will find mostly Conifer trees and many types of grasses and a few flowering plants.

    Down near the coast and in the valleys you will find a lot of grassy areas great for livestock.  In these areas wild fruit plants are abundant, mostly briar berries like blackberries and raspberries, but you may also stumble upon the occasional Apple, Pear, or Mulberry tree.
  • Re: DESIGN QUEST: Flora/Fauna in the Zone

    Mountain goats - mostly friendly and will leave you alone if you leave them alone, but occasionally during mating season the rams may be a little aggressive.  They eat the sparse outcroppings of grass and a the few small trees that pop up here and there.  If you are low on water or health carefully follow a mountain goat, they might lead you to a small deposit of water or a temporary shelter.  If you do not see or hear any mountain goats nearby...your fate may already be sealed.

    Mountain lion - The smallest of the dangerous predators in this area, mostly feeds on young mountain goats, birds, and other small mammals, but if hungry will attack an unsuspecting traveler or travel down to the settlements to steal away any livestock it can find.  Puma kittens are prized among adventurers, and are often trained to be very loyal hunting companions.

    Mountain Eagle - One of the largest raptors on the continent, has been seen carrying off an mountain goat.  If you manage to dodge its arm length talons on its first attack, this eagle's beak can slice through five layers of leather armor and is rumored to be able to be able to cut through even dragon scale.  If you encounter one of these raptors, do not try to run away, it will not miss on its dive a second time.
  • Re: What would you like to name in the game?

    I have been Playing a lot of Dungeon Defenders lately and getting to rename an item after you have completely upgraded it is a fun perk.
  • Re: HAVEN?! Where are you?

    All of the decent guys I know have been tricked into marriage and/or having children (myself included), then fattened up by their spouses/baby mamma so that they can no longer chase after other women.  Also I have to agree with @Darggie all the good ones like us are NEETs or Otakus so unless you break into our houses and kidnap one of us you might be SOL.