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    casts levitate
    floats up to the vents and peeks inside

    Seems like Skwid, Pyscho, and Owl are navigating the vents fair enough... I’ll hang back with TheWizard and ask him a few ...ahem... questions. 

    @TheWizard, what does this switch actually do?
  • Re: AMA - 10/24 at 5 PM CT - Details & Submit Questions

    Playing with friends

    A lot of players want to be able to engage with friends while playing. Here are a few questions in regards to the social aspects of the game:

    • Is there a friends list?
    • Can I team up or help my friends at all?
    • Can I chat with my friends?
    • Can we form a guild or lesser house?
    • Do these lesser houses have bonuses like the core houses?
    • Are there any benefits to a lesser house or an area or page in-game where guild members can interact?
    • Are there any plans for players to be able to play along in-game with friends?
    • I spent a bunch of time perfecting my character… can I show him/her off somehow to my friends?

    Game Monetization

    Last we heard the games IAPs are modeled after Hearthstone. With that said are any of these other common monetization options being considered:

    • Will the game have VIP tiers?
    • Will the game have cosmetic items for purchase?
    • Will the game have an optional monthly subscription?
    • Will there be a premium currency?
    • Will there be “sales” advertised in the game for items/currency/boosters?
    • Will there be an option to watch ads for in-game items/currency/buffs?

    Chest Opening (Item Acquisition)

    We have been told the main source of acquiring the best items will be through chests and the type of key you use to open the chest will determine the loot range. With that in mind:

    • How often can players expect to come across the highest tier loot quality in the game?
    • Is there any built in trigger that will allow players to receive a top tier item if they have opened X amount of chests without receiving an epic item?
    • How hard is it to get the highest tier of keys to open chests?
    • If I get an amazing top tier item, how long before it becomes obsolete?

    That’s all for now… thanks!

  • The Mogre Cometh...

    There has been an awakening...

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  • Re: A Very Unusual Sword

    Pretty sure that was created by Natal, the vampire blacksmith over in Siege. Legend has it that if it cuts you, your bleed for eternity and your body never heals the cut. What did he call it... "Last Rights" I think it was.