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  • Re: What's your preferred (classic) RPG class?

    @TheWizard ;Absolutely, that would be perfect!
  • Re: I Wish I Had a Mobile Game That Didn't...

    I would like to see a game that can be easily played on my Android phone during brief moments of time while I'm waiting on my wife, or on lunch, but at the same time I can sit down at the computer and play to my heart's content.

    Finjinimo said:
    I wish I had a mobile game that didn't look like a kids game. Let me play a game that makes me feel all growed up, wizzie. I'm tired of seeing games with graphics designed to appeal to 8yr olds.

    I agree completely with this. I want a game that is not designed for my grandchildren, but for adults, both men and women ages 20 - 120.

    I would rather not have a lot of required pay to play items. I like games that if I want to spend money to upgrade, do something faster, or whatever, I can. If I don't, but can earn the same thing over time, that's fantastic.
  • Re: Wishlist for mobile games

    I don't want to watch a new player waltz in spend a hundred dollars and instantly be better than me after I spent 100 hours on the game. One shot items, powers, etc, I don't mind being able to buy, but permanent abilities that jump characters weeks or months ahead, no. A different color item for cash? Please! I like to customize.

    Guilds: Absolutely! Both PC run and NPC run for skills, learning new skills, etc.

    I want to be able to begin projects that can be completed while I am offline. If I am forging a chain mail coif, I want to be able to halt the progress without losing it (I set the coif and rings aside) and continue work on it later. If I set it my character to a task, I want him to continue to work even if I am not watching it, even at a decreased speed, and time off for the character to rest, but it will continue until I return or the coif is complete.