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  • Re: Traits

     I think that while you are being vindictive and gaining that bonus damage because Finj just put a dent in your new codpiece, that you should have a penalty to int or dex maybe both because you aren't thinking quite as clearly and you are focused on making him pay dearly for that dent, not to mention getting sand in your hair after you just bathed
  • Re: What's your preferred (classic) RPG class?

    I would be interested in seeing open character building, or barring that, something akin to Warhammer Fantasy RPG's system where you can grow endlessly provided you take the time to learn all of the pre-requisites. If I want to dabble in wizardry and later healing albeit at an increase in cost, I would love to be able to do so.
  • Re: What's your preferred (classic) RPG class?

    @TheWizard ;Absolutely, that would be perfect!
  • Re: Wishlist for mobile games

    I don't want to watch a new player waltz in spend a hundred dollars and instantly be better than me after I spent 100 hours on the game. One shot items, powers, etc, I don't mind being able to buy, but permanent abilities that jump characters weeks or months ahead, no. A different color item for cash? Please! I like to customize.

    Guilds: Absolutely! Both PC run and NPC run for skills, learning new skills, etc.

    I want to be able to begin projects that can be completed while I am offline. If I am forging a chain mail coif, I want to be able to halt the progress without losing it (I set the coif and rings aside) and continue work on it later. If I set it my character to a task, I want him to continue to work even if I am not watching it, even at a decreased speed, and time off for the character to rest, but it will continue until I return or the coif is complete.
  • Re: What's most important in a RPG?

    Being able to develop a character along the lines I desire, not a cookie cutter design. I want options, I want to be able to grab bits and things across multiple classes if it fits the personality and history for the character I design. Blandly handing out new titles and ranks is not interesting. I want to feel the accomplishment, not just boom, you've been promoted.

    The lore of the world will spark my interest, and adds greatly to the play experience.

    PvE next. Some folks don't like a lot of PvP combat. There is always someone with more time, money, or gear who is going to walk all over you given the chance. Having to avoid them all the time can become a pain. Making PvP optional, localized, or reasonably avoidable is a plus.

    Loot is okay, but I love to play crafting characters and add to the playing experience of others. Being able to develop into such skills and not sacrificing too much enhances any game for me.