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  • Re: Hellos - Introduce Yourself

    welcome, welcome @Baronsasky & @Mortal! there's much to discuss...
  • Re: Exiles of Embermark - An Introduction

    @blanks to be on the early invite list, send me a PM with your device type!
  • Game Dev Update | 3.8.17

    It's a big one this time, Exiles. The Dev Update is here!

    Tons of info, imagery (and GIFs) on:

    • The Gunslinger's experience at GDC (including a video demo)
    • MAGES in the game
    • New artwork for world map
    • Talent trees
    • A new villain! (or a hint of one, anyway)
    You'll want to click on everything-- there's lots of additional imagery treats. As always, feedback is DEMANDED (hehe). Fire away...

  • Exiles of Embermark - An Introduction

    Exiles of Embermark is a mobile combat RPG coming in 2017. 

    In a castoff continent, emerging Houses vie for influence over land & resources through a combination of cunning & the might of their Marked. These skilled heroes engage in duels with each other to tip the balance of power & further their House agenda. Players become these heroes & develop mind, body and magic to bring glory (and phat lewt) to their Houses.
    • Train, develop & equip your character to become the best in combat reminiscent of Pokemon but with an MMO's flavor & variety
    • Compete in multiplayer, single player and cooperative events
    • Find, loot and craft items of enormous power to spec out your character in a gazillion different ways
    • Build up a camp & recruit followers that quest for loot, improve your character & acquire useful information even when you're not playing
    • Choose a House, gain its unique advantage & and compete with other Houses for influence & rewards
    • Engage in a player-influenced storyline that follows the entire community, charts victories/defeats & highlights political intrigue
    Register here to gain access to all the community discussion and receive an early invitation to play the game! And get the latest art, screens, stories and game development updates on the EoE blog. For updates on Twitter, follow @exilesgame.

    Interested? Register for the community and an invitation for early access.

  • Re: Game launch

    Hi @PrincessAria23- we're hustling in the middle of production, and will start closed testing sometime after September. We're aiming at a launch date in Feb/March right now, but the next couple of milestones in the game's development will help solidify that.