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  • Re: Endgame Engagement

    Hollow said:
    This is an interesting problem to tackle. I'd love to see you guys do something a little more out of the box than the usual carnival style content releases and power creep. The process of increasing gear/level cap on some interval always feels like a hampster wheel to me. Maybe I'm just burned out on the usual MMO model, but I have a few ideas nontheless!

    Lateral Progression Content Releases - Add new stuff to do and ways to progress without invalidating previous progression. For example, instead of changing the level cap from 60 to 70, introduce a new mechanic for progression like a faction system or subclasses. Instead of introducing a new dungeon with sword drops that deal 25% more damage than existing swords, have a new dungeon drop augments or enchantments or a new gear slot item. New stuff to do without previous endgame accomplishments becoming obsolete.

    Incentivize multiple playthroughs/characters - The bulk of the game is likely to be leveling up and gradual steady progression vs the sloped, slow end-game progression. Why not emphasize this gameplay by encouraging multiple playthroughs or characters? Meta or account wide progression, or content that certain classes clear more successfully than others. Bonuses to your camp perhaps? I'd rather try a new character/build than grind slow progression personally, and theres no remorse in 'abandoning' a character if their progress benefits my next character somehow.

    More thoughts to come,


    Heres my issue with incentivizing multiple playthroughs -The game's narrative is based upon individual accolade or achievements, it will eventually become "Im on playthrough 5 or 6" instead of "Ive accomplished __". It would be great in theory , but in most games Ive seen with this progression it becomes more about a "plan" on what track everyone will take (and end on) instead of enjoying what they have already built.
    Let's see if I can make it through this without anyone but TheWizard wanting to punch me in the face!

    You make an interesting point. Can you give some examples of games that broke down or had the narrative ruined because of this sort of progression mechanic?

    I'm not convinced that incentivizing multiple play throughs or "meta progression" detracts from the narrative for those who want to experience only one. A lot of players want to explore new characters/builds regardless, and will be talking about subsequent play throughs anyway. Depending on what "meta-progression" means, the gained perks could be a problem for new players catching up in say, PVP, but I've defined things very loosely here.

    In case your issue is actually with the ability to create multiple characters, that would be a completely different conversation. 

    Interested to hear your thoughts.


  • Re: Midweek Rumble: Lord of the Rings VS Game of Thrones

    I haven't watched a single episode of Game of Thrones.

    I'll show myself out.