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you got it, Kobbler-- you're on both lists!


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  • crichey
    Hello! I am interested in Beta on my Samsung S8.
    June 16
  • Britfox
    Hi I'm very interested in joining the closed testing! I'm using an iPhone 6.
    June 9
  • DrMovex
    Hi my phone iphone 7  ithink very good game need testing
    June 8
  • DeucalionX
    Hey! I'm interested in testing!! iPhone 7!
    June 7
  • Freak
    Hi, I'm also very interested in testing, Samsung S7 and always updated
    June 7
  • podpeoplepress
    Hi! Also very interested in the beta! Have an iPhone6!
    June 1
  • damir85
    Hi! Im intrested in joining beta. My device is iPhone 7
    May 31
  • sleeperx
    Hi, I am interested in joining the beta test. My phone is Samsung Galaxy S7.
    May 29
  • Apoc
    Any need for iPhone 6+ tester?
    May 29
  • WhisperSign
    Hello, how to get to close beta?
    May 25
    • TheWizard
      you don't just yet! but if you're interested in being in closed testing, send me a PM with your device type!
    • WhisperSign
      I can't find PM in this service. My device is iPhone 6s and iPad Pro 21,9
  • mazurbrain
    Wiz!  Willing to Beta test. iPhone 7 plus. IOS 10 latest
    May 18
  • darrondb
    Hello there ! Was wondering if I could get into the IOS beta if at all possible? I have an iPhone 6 . Thanks! 
    May 13
  • you got it, Kobbler-- you're on both lists!

    May 12
  • Kingkobbler
    Heya Wiz, Kobbler here again, I was trying to remember, the iOS beta is coming first right ? But you guys are working on and will be beta testing an Android also ?, Just​ want to make sure I will be on the list for both ;), I've sent my iOS devices, on Android I will be using a droid turbo 2, thanks a bunch, and as always, keep up the awesome work!!
    May 12
  • tiberwulf
    I will use Samsung galaxy with android 6.0.1 
    May 7
  • Maikhii
    I am ready to unsheathe my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and swing my way through the beta.
    May 7
  • Preformer
    Hi, I use Lenovo's Vibe K5 Plus, and wish to try your game. Thank you very much! 
    May 6
  • wmcnz
    Hi Wizard - I'm @wmcnz from discord. Keen to help test. 

    RL name Will Cooper, device iPhone 6s. 
    April 30
  • FearWon
    Hello, super interested in this game! If you need a tester on Galaxy S5 the names Daman Messenger. 
    April 23
  • MrMovex
     s6 edge latest android version  . i need this game beta test 
    April 21
  • yuxuan89
    Hi please add me to the beta list,

    Erin Huang on one plus 3
    April 20
  • Daedalus
    I would love to be among "The First" and help bang out any issues for a full release. Names Brandon Bussoli and I'm on a LG V10
    April 15
  • Sagedark
    Hi! Please add me to the First list?? Names Paul Stringer, device is Samsung Galaxy J7
    April 15