Midweek Rumble: Who Would Win In A Fight? (add your suggestions)

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We've been fans of the time-honored pastime of sitting around debating a completely ridiculous (but to us VERY serious) scenario where two entities got into a fight. 

Who would win and how and why?

And this isn't just going to be for fun - it's for in-game treats too. If you comment (not just vote) on a Midweek Rumble, I will hit "Promote" on your comment, which gives you Reputation Points in our community. Your Reputation Points will matter when the game launches because they will earn you Launch Week in-game goodies. I'll post the reward thresholds later on in development, but rest assured, they will be awesome. (remember that you'll have to give us the name of your Character in the game in order to redeem, instructions on that when we launch). 

This thread will be sticky and serve as the repository for your ideas as well as the historical list of Rumbles. So jump in here with ideas on who should fight who-- it can be from any walk of life other than religion and politics-- fiction, comics, weapons, celebrities, even emotions. Or characters from whatever. Or weather. Get crazy!

Submission in this thread will also gain you one "Promote" which gets you 5 points.  And remember to hit Twitter for the poll too, since it will be in two places each week.

Let's hear it.
I'll SMITE you


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