The Return

XeruXeru Posts: 93 Adventurer
So I've been kinda unavailable. Mostly rendered to just replying to things I've been apart of and joining new discussions has been limited to almost nothing. So @TheWizard, my apologies for my lack of being around. Life and school coming has caught me off guard

moving to new dorm on 3rd, then a week after that I should be settled in my schedule to participate more.

Aside from that, i've mostly just been paying attention in the shadows to what has been happening.

But I'm still alive and such. And almost kinda back to things.


  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    Huzzah! Welcome back, @xeru! I've missed your contributions. If you've been in the shadows, then you've seen how much has been added to the discussion (and game) recently.

    Come join us in the Live Chat and join the Reddit as we start to build it out.

    And get those ideas bubbling again-- hope your schedule lets you pop in more!
    I'll SMITE you
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