Weather effects?

OlinockiOlinocki Posts: 23 Mendicant
Will there be weather effects in combat or travel?

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  • Psycho_MychoPsycho_Mycho Posts: 69 Adventurer
    @TheWizard gets caught up in a Tornado... @Drakythe laughs while psychosoldiermychoadams steals his loot and hides in a nearby cave...

    Weather effects would be interesting indeed
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  • FinjinimoFinjinimo Posts: 264 Hero
    Consider this: I have been working towards achieving some incredibly heroic moment for several weeks... and I finally do! Hooray! Amazing. And as I am celebrating, I receive a message say that it's raining, I am incredibly damp, caught a cold, and that when I went to make my awesome heart-felt speech thanking everyone, I erupt in a fit of sneezes... and it is all very embarrassing, and very very real. Just think how amazing that would be. I am all for it.
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  • OlinockiOlinocki Posts: 23 Mendicant
    Maybe if you hack the game every time you enter a battle you get blown away by a tornado and die?
  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
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    haha I'm assuming you'd rather have that on PVE than PVP, O?
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  • OlinockiOlinocki Posts: 23 Mendicant
    I'd prefer both
  • DrakytheDrakythe Posts: 204 mod
    I like the idea of weather having a tangible effect on combat. Maybe it lowers accuracy, maybe it randomly deals damage (lightning strikes, foot slippage).

    If weather does have an impact on combat, I would definitely think its a PvE thing, though allowing it in PvP could be an interesting twist (With the ability to change loadout before actual combat, so if an affect on ranged weapons was in effect then changing out to a melee build (if possible).
  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    Interesting. This isn't something we'd considered, given the hair-trigger nature of PVP, but you've got us thinking (which you all are doing in spades lately, thank you thank you thank you)...
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  • OponnOponn Posts: 9 Mendicant
    You can't go wrong with rain and thunder storms in a fantasy setting.
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