The Hunt: The Ruins of Anglon

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Anglon is an area (Zone) in west-central Embermark. A once-proud bastion of civilization, its proximity to the site of the first Breach means that many of its mighty cities were the first to fall. This made the entire area one of the greatest sources of ruins in the entire continent. 

On the Embermark World Map, the first Breach was located on the island there in the center of the continent. But it wasn't always an island, and that wasn't always a great body of water (we'll get into that later). 

Once the pinnacle of human achievement, Anglon was home to vast structures, gigantic strongholds and sprawling cities. As the Collapse ensued, the worst of the beasts that poured through the Breach ravaged Anglon cities, toppling spires, destroying walls and leaving many a stronghold a smouldering husk. Since then, the natural richness of the land has taken over, growing jungle and other flora over the ruins of those long-dead cities. Now, the area is home to those who’ve learned to adapt, harboring secret refuges of lost civilization as well as savage surviving bands of magickal humans and others like them.

Now on to The Hunt. Should you take up your bow and head toward the trail, your quest is for the 5 other Great Ruins of Anglon. Above, you see the Ruins of Ti'lin. There are 5 more in Anglon and you must find their names. The good news is that they are all identified in Embermark as "Ruins of..." or "... Ruins." The bad news is that they could be anywhere in the Exiles world that's been shared. If you've been following along all over the place, you'll know where to look. 

To complete this Hunt, you must PM @TheWizard the 5 names of the other Great Ruins. If you are correct, you will receive a special Key for opening a Chest in the game when it launches. This Key will improve your chances for a tasty item in said Chest. You are welcome to collaborate and post here on the thread, but please do not explicitly spoil it for other hunters should you succeed. This is not a guessing game-- the Ruins are named and explicit, tucked into many corners of the Embermark "world." All are invited. Few will have the necessary perseverance to succeed. Now...

I'll SMITE you


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