The sacrifice

This is indeed a story about adventure
But it's more about rebirth
The purpose of the Collapse is more a setting
A reason to show us what we can be
When the initial Marked fought back the whatnot that came accross the Breaches
there's this thing we're gonna talk about a lot in the coming days called the Sacrifice It wasn't just bad things that came across
Magicks came too.
Not embers from a fire
This world just called them that.
But when they settled on a rock, a plant, a person...
They imbued the settled-upon with something they didn't have before.
Something that was in them, but hadn't surfaced.
And it/they were Marked.
A few were Marked after the Collapse and they tried to stop the onslaught of what came across the Breaches. They tried to preserve the way of life that the kingdoms of the continent had fostered for millennia. But they were too few, too weak and too late.
So anyone with half a mind (and the means) fled.
To Revenen, to Isolarre to wherever they could get to.
And humanity lived apart from Embermark for thousand of their years.
The Exiles come from those who came back
But they're not the only ones there.
Not by far.
some died, some stayed, some were... assimilated.
some wanted to be
but as the dragons got comfortable and the wyverns ran out of meat
the overrun ruins of everywhere were beaten back
and the lost order put its hope in a very few
who must be found
because they have the means to make use of the Marks
and they know these journeymen, these travelers, these miscreants these misfits
are the means to the restoration
or the retribution
or the recompense
And they're ready
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What do you think this means?


  • NezujaNezuja Posts: 90 mod
    My translation from what I've heard of the lore so far would be this...

    The ancient Houses of Embermark were at war. The Houses messed with some crazy magic and caused a rift between worlds. These rifts were called breaches and allowed monsters/people/magicks to cross into the land of Embermark from the "other side" and those that crossed wreaked havoc on the land destroying cities/resources/etc. The great Houses fell and people fled the continent of Embermark. This is what's known as the Collapse.

    As the Collapse was taking place, a certain type of magick crossed over from the breach. This magick changed whomever it came into contact with and caused that host to gain special abilities. A few of the denizens of Embermark were "marked" by this
    magic (the embers) and they tried to fight back against the monsters coming through the multiple breaches along the continent. Ultimately these few heroes lost and gave their lives in the process. This is what's known as the Sacrafice.

    After the collapse, Embermark was left alone for thousands of years until the other continents of that world began sending there prisoners/vagabonds/misfits there to spend the rest of their days in exile. Some Adventurers/Journeymen also started to explore the land. These people discovered that there was much more to Embermark then anyone had previously known, that the affects of the breach were long reaching, and most importantly... that embers and their "marks" we're extremely valuable and powerful.

    Now it's up to those exiled to the land of Embermark to obtain these marks, gather their supplies, and take back the land from those that invaded before. 
  • NezujaNezuja Posts: 90 mod
    I should say that the above is my opinion, not fact. cheers!
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