Midweek Rumble: Cylons VS Terminators

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This week, it's evil sentient machines, pitted against each other instead of humanity. 

If the Battlestar Galactica Cylons threw down against the Terminators, who would win and why?

(here's the poll on Twitter) (thanks to Exiles @SecretOwl for the topic)

Midweek Rumble: Cylons VS Terminators 6 votes

FinjinimoNezuja 2 votes
helpicantflyPsycho_MychoOlinockiDarkYveltal 4 votes
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  • helpicantflyhelpicantfly Posts: 111 Adventurer
    i choose terminator 
    think maybe i should have researched answer before voting ! doh.
    hey well
    THE  reason time travel tech   Skynet can send machines back into the future revealing all the advantages the cyclons had over Skynet allowing them to prep for it they'll just keep sending machines into the past making Skynet more knowledgeable and giving them ways to fight the cyclons eventually with time travel tech they can make space ships to fight the cyclons.
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  • NezujaNezuja Posts: 90 mod
    Based on movie lore alone I would go with the Cylons. In the terminator franchise skynet was losing and had to send a terminator back in time to try and give them a chance to win. In Battlestar Gallactica the Cylons had already won and humanity was just trying to survive. 
  • FinjinimoFinjinimo Posts: 264 Hero
    Cylons, even though I know diddly about them because even with time travel tech the terminators  were still losing, and mostly really really terrible at the one thing they were programmed to do.
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  • DarkYveltalDarkYveltal Posts: 8 Mendicant
    Terminators because they would be able to adapt their abilities to the weaknesses of the cylons  ... as well as find out strengths and weaknesses of the cylons due to the terminators time travel 
  • Psycho_MychoPsycho_Mycho Posts: 69 Adventurer
    I haven't seen Battlestar Galactica, and like @helpicantfly I haven't researched who the Cylons are, so therefore I have to go with the infamous Terminators. I mean, how many times have you heard (or tried yourself) to repeat the "I'll be back" phrase! Ok, lame reasoning I know, but it's what I'm working on for now. Although, @Nezuja and @Finjinimo do bring up good points that the Terminators were losing...
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