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TheWizard, Singme Asong, and special guest Steaksamich hosted an AMA toninght in the live chat. If you'd like you can log in to Discord and backscroll to see it. Below I've copied and edited the transcript for all the juicy bits. Broken into a post per topic due to character limits.

Character customization:
So first on our agenda is Character Customization
I've gotten quite a few questions about this, so I wanted to make sure you all know what we mean when we say it
When you create a character, the opening choices (early in your experience) will be pretty simple-- gender and Class
every Exile is human and one of the many adventurers or miscreants that have come to Embermark to... well... take names
at first, your customization options are in your build and in the profile you build up over time
I'll explain each
Your build is what you DO, not how you look
you have several buckets of choices-- gear, abilities and talents
Gear is your loadout and what you're using in Battle. You have 13 slots to fill on your person and each can alter you in stats, abilities and reactions
Here, stats are things like STRENGTH
Abilities are things like FIREBALL
and reactions we'll get into another day because we're fiddling with them
For Abilities, you get four to take into any one Battle, but you have LOADS of choices
And Talents are almost anything under the sun
The Bard (everybody say hi to the Bard) designed hundreds of them
Some talents give you stat buffs, some make you react to Damage, some give you Abilities, some curse you
then there's your profile
the game learns about you based on the narrative choices we ask you for throughout your experience
some are simple this-or-that choices, but some will reveal your MOTIVATIONS
(more on that when we get into narrative)
so back to customization-- there are literally a zillion different builds and you can save Loadouts and what we call Ability Sets to prepare yourself for different scenarios
PVP vs PVE in Anglong vs PVE in Wildewoods, vs YOURCOMEDYLOADOUT
so when we're saying "Customization" we're not yet talking about giving your character a beard
or making him/her tall or short or thin or stout
futzing with the character model is secondary to us for now, cuz you will all look radically different based on what you outfit yourself with
we're working on a system of visial "tells" that give you hints at what your opponent is all about
but as you Battle, you'll learn what he has on and what Abilities he's using:
this is a look at the Battle Log (when you click your opponent's avatar) after he's used all four of his Abilites
they appear in this as used
so you can prepare for what's next alter your play or embrace cowardice and flee
so hopefully that clarifies character customization. the profile stuff is rich, but we'll get to that in Narrative

So you can see your opponents abilities if he only uses 1 or 2 of them?
well, at least the 1 or 2 used?
you'd only see the ones used right
and there's an emerging strat for holding something back for the big bango

I have one about abilities: We've heard a bit about how gear scales and can be upgraded with your character. What about abilities? Will we have a reason to use the ability we learned first, or will we have gotten that same ability++ a few more times in our leveling?
Singme Asong-
you'll be able to find use for your early abilities later in the game. If I were to use a card game analogy, I'd say that those very early abilities would work like tech cards in a deck. Magic Missile might not be as damaging as Fireball in a one-to-one comparison but if your build is centered around burst to get your opponent to low health and you want to ensure you get that killing blow in, Fireball might not be the best choice because it's got a higher chance of missing and Magic Missile never misses. So if you've spec'd and equipped for high damage Magic Missile could be your finisher and it's one of the first abilities the Mage gets.
There's also some other common staples, Armor Up is a Warrior ability that most tanks will probably get use out of at all levels.
and the scaling for those abilities is ore about scaling your various stats to be optimal for that ability's usefulness than the ability itself changing
there are 8 main attributes in the game, plus armor and resitances
Singme Asong-
Correct, so some abilities do more damage based on CON instaed of INT
or Armor
or Magic Resistence etc.

Will there be enough item variety to ensure end game players won't all look the same?
oh yes Nez. OH. YES.

is there a limit to the amount of lewt one can accrue?
like, backpack limits or storage limits?
yes Psycho. there are inventory limits, but we haven't nailed that down yet. Colelcting stuff is a fun part of this game, so we're working on how to do that without making your interface expode

quick question, but can you get cosmetic stuff or perks to make your gear stand out so everyone can have something unique to them?
we're in the process of talking through that Lion-- stay tuned. lots of ideas on personal customization of oot and such that we hvan't made decisions on 


  • DrakytheDrakythe Posts: 204 mod
    so with narrative, @drakythe you were asking. is there something you want us to cover specifically?

    or overall rundown or what?

    A rundown would be nice, but I'm super curious about the specifics of how we the players will be affecting the story. Will it be through events, simple questions, mysterious strangers offering a cursed chalice?
    ah yes
    so this is stuff we haven't shared yet and @Singme Asong and i are in ther middle of developing it
    here's the basics
    narrative will be "told" as a combination of gamemastering and data
    this is what that means:
    1. you will play the game. nice and simple. you all will play the game and the great @queequeg will capture the events of the "world"
    every kill, every quest, every loot drop
    2. you will make narrative decisions for yourself
    the game will ask you questions as you go
    sometimes it's whether to go right or left
    sometimes it's whether to let a stranger live or die
    sometimes it's about who you are
    and we will capture that and form a profile about you
    and there will be your motivational make-up as a character. you will have one. Your House will have one. And the whole game will have one
    and @theworst will make this into a fabulous visual that only she knows what to do with

    now, here's where Bound comes in
    we will take the data of your performance + your motivations + FACTION ATTITUDES and craft the reporting of the story and tell it in the Bound app
    all caps on the faction thing is because that's a terrible name that we will replace
    anyway, think of the faction thing as how a Faction like the Elves might be considering how things are going down in Embermark.
    Did you all KILL 1,000,000 elves last season in Quests? Well, the Elf faction might not be too excited about humanity
    and yes, the house's “alignment," will be made up of the motivation of its members in aggregate

    so I'm gonna turn it over to @steaksamich to explain what Bound can do here in a second, but
    we'll use a branching World Outline, the data from your play, the populations of various NPCs, the actions of the Houses (in the form of House events) and some Remarkable Individual Accomplishments, to "report" on a Season (read: a month) of Exiles
    that's not all we'll do with Bound (report on the story).
    And with that, I turn it over to @steaksamich who I hope remebers all the cool schnitzel that he told me we can do
    oh much to tell you about Bound...but i will start with the basics i guess

    so Bound is a storytelling platfom reimagining ficiton for mobile...sort of Netflix meets Medium
    we'll be developing a the EoE story in season format...with episodes broken up into short pieces of about 500-2000 words
    we are bringing a pro author ( think someone that has worked on some MMO's and paper and pencil RPG novels you love)
    it combines prose, art, audio, etc

    so we can also do all sorts of "sourcebook" things with bound too
    one of the key aims for the game's narrative is to give players the feeling that it's an authored story that they're somehow affecting-- kinda like pen-n-paper RPGs

    yeah i always think one of things we are trying to capture is (for me) that feeling of opening the Forgotten Realms boxed set and reading all the world books

    Will there be a way to open for link to the bound app from within EoE?
    we'll support deeplinking so i think technically possible
    yes @nezuja

    i can give anyone a demo if they want...would love the feedback...just ping me here or email

    LionOfMyth -
    One thing I would like answers of would be the infinite loop of  PvE. How would you give them more replay value, and not just focus all out on PvP? What would you change so it has the replay value for older players, yet make it easy for newer players to understand?
    @LionOfMyth the Quest PvE system will be ever-changing. You'll have the Main Thread (which will come to an end), your Class thread (which will extend post-Lvl-cap with new challenges that get released over time) and the World Thread, which will be the live narrative, ever-changing Quests that come in and out as events progress.
    Will they be Kill x number of mobs and collect 15 items, or have actual questlines and stuff
  • DrakytheDrakythe Posts: 204 mod
    Singme Asong -
    Give level-capped players access to an infinitely replayable PvE loop
    To give non-level-capped players the aspiration/incentive to reach cap
    Provide the player with unique loot and advancement beyond Level
    Hopefully bridge the level capped players over to PvP

    Endgame Effects on Stuff:
    House - callouts in leaderboard for max characters, unique quests/events/items
    Followers - passive increases to your followers that up the chance of good things and lessen the damage of bad things related to that system. New followers available to recruit. Unique missions to send them on for rewards at rare crafting mats/items/gold etc.
    Recipes: Level cap only recipes can now be obtained by the player
    Gear: Level cap only Legendaries will now drop. These drops could change from season to season.
    Core Stats: potential account wide bonuses to all characters (in PvE play) to help inventivize leveling of additional characters.

    Singme Asong-
    EndGame Systems we're working on/considering:
    Solo play Dungeons against Max Level NPCs:
    - These are close to your typical MMO dungeons that are wrapped around a narrative and based in a single location in the game world which can be run multiple times for chance at epic/legendary drops. They also have a chance to drop you a currency(key) to get into another system which is, Horde Dungeons.
    Horde Dungeons:
    - For admition to the Horde Dungeon the player must cough up a Horde Dungeon Key. In a Horde Dungeon the player must fight against 20 randomly generated max level elite enemies and 1 boss. After every battles the player's health is returned to full. The boss has a chacne to drop cool loot. Thinking of doing leaderboards for these based on things like, turns it took to complete, damage taken, etc. and one more i'll put in a message to appease your waiting

    Singme Asong-
    Raids: - The idea behind these is take your House and turn it into your Raiding Party. You will have some fassion to "queue for raid" before it starts. They start at specific times during the week and run for 24hrs. Each Raid consists of Wings which are in turn made up of several Sections. Sections contain many trash mobs/elites/Mini-Boss. Your House must beat all of the enemies in each Section to unlock the next. There will WAY too many mobs for you to kill alone but you will be able to kill severael of them in an overall effort with your House mates to be successful. Clearing all sections in the Wing before the 24hrs is up means your House will get to play the next Wing the following time. If all of your House members die in an attempt that is a Party Wipe and you must start the Wing over from scratch. At the end of the Raid or party wipe you'll get a detailed report with stuff like: dmg dealt, damage taken, turns taken, hits landed, hits avoided etc. The number of enemies that get populated in Wing is determined proportionally to the population of the House that queued for Raid so we don't have to worry about varying population among Houses. Boss's HP are calculated in the same fashion and everyone in the party must contribute damage to see him fall. THEN YOU MIGHT GET SUPER COOL STUFF

    There's also some other stuff: daily quests, character slots, Seasonal PvP rewards. Organized Play events

    Will u be able to pre sign in for raids so if not on your time can still participate
    Singme Asong -
    yes, you'll have to mark yourself as "I want to raid" before the 24hr period begins so the system will know how many dudes to spawn and what health to set boss's to 
  • DrakytheDrakythe Posts: 204 mod
    Un-answered questions:

    I was wondering about the skill tree

    for later so I don't forget. Will the events for different houses be reported differently, and does Bound support some form of 'choose your own adventure' so that House members can get more details about their houses reactions?

    While waiting for the bard to sing his song... @TheWizard, Can one be kicked out of a house for having a certain kind of motivation? For example, I’m a Sith in a Jedi house. Would I get kicked out? Should I stay or should I go now...

    My question - will the events be ongoing fuel for endgame content as well? For example, will the event have drops unique to the timeframe? 
  • NezujaNezuja Posts: 90 mod
    +5 for putting this together. Thanks Drak!
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