AlyxeAlyxe Posts: 16 Adventurer

The water soothes the heavy ache of the Third Binding. Voices/thoughts/dreams echo through the stillness. Dancing starlight flickers, swirling magelight pulls and tugs at the wards like an eager kit.


The pain of the secret, demanding to be found, begging to be shared. The protection/defense/display of the core lets knowledge spread wide. The idea awakens greed, muzzles wisdom.


Air plays amidst the scents with an agonizing pleasure. Hope/fear/regret resonate like a warning of things past and things to come. Power shields the oncoming threat.

The call pulls, power calling to power. Promise/threat/offer? I deny.

"The Earth beneath my feet, I Bind you to the Call of Fire. Burning, destroying, changing, Form shall be set aside to shield me from the danger of Thought. The Fox within my Body shall remember until I Awaken once more to the Call of Fire."
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