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Just now in Live Chat, I got a "what's going on this week" in the game, so I thought I'd post a quick list so you know what we're working. As many of you know, the whole gang is in Chicago this week, huddled in a room at Iron Galaxy Studios, plotting evil. Here's what we're pushing forward:

[] The Camp-- we're almost ready to show you the 3D Camp in more detail that you've seen before. We've been wrestling with the ground design (of all things) and are close to a solution.

[] BATTLE TESTER - One of the big ticket items for this milestone that is taking a bit but is also super cool is a testing tool that you will never see (or WILL you). It will allow us to quickly test abilities, combinations and builds for balance purposes.

[] The Tavern - The asynchronous follower system will NOT be in early builds, or even in for launch (probably), but a preview of it will. We're designing what that preview does this week.

[] 3D Enemies ("what, you wily wizard, i thought you were doing 2D enemies")-- WRONG. We figured out a way to do 3D ones FASTER than 2D, so TAKE THAT. (And check this out)

[]  A Legendary Sword & Legendary Shoulders (with tasty lore)

[] The Level Up "Ding!" experience

[] BARDS (bad ones)

[] Core Stat Modifiers changes (i.e., what your STR, INT, DEX, etc do for your character as they go up and down and affect battle)

So there you go. The Gunslinger team is running, running, running...
I'll SMITE you


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