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    Drakythe listens to the Wizard tell his tale as he scans the surface of the water, noting the various sunken craft, impossible jagged rocks and other... things, moving through it. He almost couldn't believe the stories he had heard of a pristine lake before the Collapse, yet the records agreed, both here and in other parts of the world. A beautiful lake, now a deadly mire of destruction. It was virtually impossible that anyone...

    "Hold! There is a person in the water!" Drak hurriedly grabs a rope and fashions a slip-knot loop in one end and throws it with all his might, landing the loop near the bobbing figure. "Grab hold, quickly!"
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    You can add my plate and steel to your quest.
    ... Though perhaps not until after we get off this rickety raft...
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    Junk is here for loot.
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    Awesome, Im in.
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    @TheWizard is a picture of concentration. The raft skims over the waves, the passengers mostly oblivious. This takes a special kind of magiks. Of a most awesome kind. The kind that takes a lot of knowledge, planning and work. Years, perhaps. Not some common spell. This took... Effort.

    Finji knows this. Finji does not care.

    Stepping over an uncomfortably spewing @Evilteddy, who copped much more than an eyeful than he really would have liked, Finji siddles up to TheWizzie.

    "HELLO OLD SALT!" Finji screams, hugging The Glaring Wizard and planting a smelly, crusty, gooey gobsmack of a kiss on his left temple. "I LIKE YOUR FACE!" 

    @TheWizard glares. Finji grins.


    "I thought that could be our catchpharse. Sexy, no?"

    The passengers sit in silence. Evilteddy vomits. @Drakythe coughs politely.

    "Stoppit". Wizaard esques through sideways lips.

    Finjinimo looks at him. Giggles. And sits down.

    The raft rocks, and then continues on it's way.

    ...jiggly bits...
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    As @Evilteddy's vomit splashes on his boot and @Finjinimo looks at him with what somehow appears to be only one of his eyes, Broker begins to wonder what he's gotten himself into. 
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    GGson reporting for duty!
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    Are we ever going to finish pulling the person on the raft. *keeps pulling
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    Can we pull over for a rest catch are breath perhaps ?
    we could set up a small camp get the fire started i brought  a few provisions but if some of you wanted to go catch us some dinner i d be happy to cook it up.If we cant then no problem perhaps some of you mages could make a magick fire i could use that to cook on then maybe we could hear more tales about this here adventure/quest/hunt we be on 
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    Hears something.

    Suddenly jumps up runs over to the group about to pull the "person" on board.  Kicks it back into the water and cuts the rope.

    Turns to see many angry faces.
    "Don't believe everything you see." Points out at the water at the grotesque beast swimming away now that its spell is broken.

    "Old man agree with @helpicantfly we should find a place to make camp soon, their are bound to be more beast lurking out here soon."

    Finding a spot near the rail to sit, Evilteddy takes a deep breathe, then returns to his misery.
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    That was a turn of events. *looks around for a campsite* anyone see anything?
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    Drakythe turns from @Evilteddy and peers over the side of the boat intently, looking for @shukes, who was almost in the boat. Then he sees it, the rope wasn't yet all the way in, and yet the person had been practically on board...

    He swiftly knocks an arrow and shoots it into the water where the creature fell in. There was a scream, and what might have been blood followed by a roiling of water as the creature fled, its glamour spell fading and leaving the real @shukes holding his severed end of the rope still a dozen feet from the raft looking bewildered.

    Tossing another bit of rope out they are able to reel the actual @shukes into the boat.

    You picked an awful place for a swim, friend."

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    "Indeed he did," the wizard claps @drakythe on the shoulder while disengaging from the overly attentive @Finjinimo.

    "Welcome aboard, strangers-- your presence here means I now call you friends. And yes, we shall find camp here along the jagged edge of the lake. There is one spot in the lee of an outcropping that I know might hold this crew for an evening. And I need to share more before we gain entry to the bowels of Siege." At this, the old man waits for Finji to make an off-color joke, but he wasn't listening. Satisfied that the crew is all Dead Serious, the wizard gestures toward a vicious-looking group of rocks, jutting up and out of the lake as if trying to escape it.

    "There we stop, friends. With apologies, @Shukes-- you've just started to dry off."

    Waving his hand in an intricate pattern, the wizard magicks the raft up further above the surface of the water and begins to turn it, the additional height allowing him to keep the crew dry. As they round what to them was the front-side of the outcropping, they see that another flat rock splits with the high one and creates a makeshift cave (or a shelter, anyway). It's to this flat rock that the rumpled mage lowers the raft, and everyone shuffles off, some in better shape than others.

    "Now then, let's get a fire started, and I have a meal for us-- with tales accompanying of course. We must prepare ourselves for a dark adventure, and I want you to know a few more things, so I do.

    Has anyone experience in the caves, caverns, deeps or crevices? And is anyone afraid of the dark?"  

    I'll SMITE you
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    "I am not afraid of the dark, but Solaris is." Secret Owl gestures to the lighter colored of his hounds. "Luna is at home there though and should be of some assistance, especially if we need something tracked while we're down there." Secret Owl pulls Solaris aside and begins what is sure to be a long calming process to prepare him for an extended stay in the dark.
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    "I don't have much experience in the depths of the earth, but the dark is my oldest friend and only makes scouting easier. I look forward to exploring."
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    I wish to see where I swing, but if there is a word or sound we can make alike, then I will swing with a surety where the sound is wrong.

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    "Been down into a few caves, get some really pure water great for brewing down in some. Besides, I am up for anything, as long as I don' have to go out over the water again."

    Sets up a small barrel stand and sets a small barrel of ale out. 

    Looks around quickly counting heads as he does.
    "This ought to be enough for this crew tonight.  She is a decent ale, not my best but decent." Fills two mugs and finds a seat near where some wood is being gathered to burn.
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    The old Goat inspects the strange two legs from atop his perch in the rocky cliffs. Such an odd group. Though usually he would never interact with such an inferior species, he was trapped here in this strange world, just as they appeared to be. He would need the help getting home and they seemed the least irrationally violent. Perhaps the one in that horrendous pointy hat would have his answers. And that wooden container of liquid looked rather appetising. He ventures down to get a taste.

    Greetings two legs! (takes bite out of keg) Have room for a great and mighty Goat around your primitive source of heat and light?
    Grand leader of the glorious Spacegoatian Empire!
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    What the..*pulls blade* where did this demon appear from. which of you summoned this horned ale grabber?!?
  • EvilteddyEvilteddy Posts: 86 Adventurer
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    Grabs @Junk by the arm

    Relax, if it was a demon at least three you rookies would be dead already."
    What's better then making good beer?
    Drinking good beer!
  • JunkJunk Posts: 14 Mendicant
    Seems nothing is what it appears.
  • SpacegoatsSpacegoats Posts: 20 Adventurer
    Demon? Please refrain yourself from using such inadequate descriptions of a higher being such as myself. Now, do tell me where you two legs are venturing forth to if you'd be so kind. I may offer my assistance!
    Grand leader of the glorious Spacegoatian Empire!
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    /felt asleep while fishing near the lake, but wakes up when hearing someone vomit.

    Hmm, let's follow them and see if they run into trouble. Haven't had a good fight and perhaps they need help.
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    'Has anyone experience in the caves, caverns, deeps or crevices? And is anyone afraid of the dark?'  Those words from the old man cut deep into Psycho_Mycho's heart. The dark? I practically am the dark. Living in caves in solitary for nearly a lifetime is all I've known. However, best to play dumb on this one.

    "I've little experience in caverns, and the dark does not frighten me. Some consider me a skilled wanderer or rogue, others simply call me what they see me as: 'psycho'".

    Glancing over the group I make quick eye contact with @Broker then quickly look away. It was naught more then 2 nights ago that I stole some of his poison and applied it to my own dagger. Things could get tense here. Though not as tense as this crazy flatulent man on board. Was the onions he was eating? doubt about that. Where he obtained them though will remain a mystery as they are not native to this land...
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    I, the greatest warrior the world will ever know, am here. Fear me.
  • JunkJunk Posts: 14 Mendicant
    What will be the watch order? Has anyone agreed on a sound or word to tell friend from foe?
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    Hollow sits against the rock wall watching the group gather themselves from the raft. He pulls out a pipe and lights it, still eyeing his companions - if he can call them that yet. He mutters to himself," Let's hear what this Wizard has to say." 
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