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    Where is that Wizard. Seems like a year has past since we saw him. Where did he run off to?
  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    "Oh he's here, good @Junk, just contemplating our course of action. "

    The wizard considers the answers of the party and decides that they should approach from the second entrance he knows about. 

    "Thank you for the suggestion on the watch, all. You needn't worry, though, I have a very special enchantment that will keep us all safe as can be this evening."

    The party settles down around the fire after a quick fishing excursion yields their rations. 

    "In the morning, we will away to the edge of Siege's closed entrance. Tonight we speak of the horrors that befell the Siege dwarves as the Collapse swept over Embermark. This is why the entrance has been closed these many years. 

    Embers. We call them that but they're not of fire. They're of some magick not seen on this side-- a magick that changes things for whatever it lands upon... or chooses to. 

    As the great Breach opened Southeast of here, Embers poured into the caverns and tunnels of Siege and marked many who worked and lived inside. They also distorted things, changed them. Some for good, some for ill.

    It is some of ill that we seek. Something shut away for these past many years as the world moved on. And with it some answers. For now, sleep, and in the morning, we will venture forth to our discovery or doom..."

    With that, the wizard flipped his hat over his forehead and began a rather loud sleep...
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    Idly uses a fish bone to clean his teeth while listening to the old wizard tell us what this quest are after.

    "Doom he says..." he chuckles to himself, "From what I see of this group, at least six of us will survive your quest one way or another...or
    were you trying to chase off those with a weaker constitution.  Ah you tricky wizard."

    Getting up to fetch another pint from the keg, he sniffs the air, "You there with the sweet smoke," walking over to @Hollow. Whispers, "I will trade you a hit of some good stuff," tapping on a flask inside a hidden pocket, "for a bowl full." 
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    As he laughs at the many folks whose are stunned by the way @TheWizard fell asleep just moments after dramatically telling a campfire story, he contemplates taking @TheWizard 's hat just to see what happens. Not necessarily to keep, though maybe to swiftly put on the crazy mans head (@Finjinimo)just to see if he can instigate some madness. Yes...this should be fun. He approaches, ensures the wizardly man is still sleeping, and reaches for the mysterious hat...
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    Drakythe cleans his plate and utensils, un-strings his bow and fastens a knife to his side. Examining the ground he finds a rock that shouldn't hurt too much. As he begins to close his eyes he notices what @Psycho_Mycho is up to. Drak sighs and keeps his eyes closed, but decides to speak up before letting sleep take him.

    "I'm all for camp pranks friend, but is our protector and guide the correct target?"
  • Psycho_MychoPsycho_Mycho Posts: 69 Adventurer
    "I suppose your right, i'll let him sleep undisturbed...for now."

    As he finds his own place of rest, he notices that most of the group has already taken the 'good' spots. However, no one has chosen the raft, so he lays down on the floorboard and rolls around until he finds the most comfortable of the uncomfortable positions. Is that urine which smells so bad here? Probably. Oh well, soon the stench wont matter. With that, he begins snoring in a rhythmic pattern that probably has everyone wondering what foul creature they have in their midst.
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    "Well, this does explain a lot," came a voice from atop the outcropping, hat still pulled low over his eyes, as he sat on the edge. "I thought the air disturbance felt familiar. Another of your warding spells, I take it? No, don't answer that, that was rhetorical. I'll be down in a moment."

    He unfastened the sash tied around his waist, wrapping it around both hands and stretching it out above his head. The wind caught in it, and it billowed up, as he jumped from the ledge and drifted down, landing gently. The sash was returned to its original place.

    "I... have no idea who most of you people are. I think I recognise a few of you though. Insofar as I can, it's been a while. Kjel, the windseer, at your service." He paused, and turned to the Wizard. "No, really, how do you collect so many people without telling them anything? It's quite impressive."

    "Actually, why are you here? I've seen little of interest save a city even less open than you."
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    I put on my robe and wizard hat.  ;)
  • XivlviXXivlviX Posts: 10 Adventurer
    Not on this side.

    The cloaked man kneels low, assuming a crouched position. Gloved fingers dig narrow furrows through the earth. The man can feels his fingertips straining against the leather, pressing hard, drawn to the promise of the darkness held within the grainy dirt. The Truth.

    It is thus that Xivlvix retreats into the 6th Trance. 
  • XivlviXXivlviX Posts: 10 Adventurer
    (Count me in) 
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  • decaboldecabol Posts: 2 Mendicant
    Ready to roll!!
  • JunkJunk Posts: 14 Mendicant
    Long night. I feel fully restored. 
  • cuDDercuDDer Posts: 1 Mendicant
    walks in the room and sizes everyone up....

    Who's ready for some PVP?  >:)
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    As he wonders into a darkened room, with an heir of caution. several worthy looking warriors, rogues to see a few, stands out a rather worthy looking mage!
    D17ragon -much like the Dragon- prefers magick and mystical powers also. ever curious of new power, chooses to approach this band.
    "i know not one of you, but i see you rest. you are on a quest of similar gain to myself are you not?   perhaps we can aid one another, with a slight bow of the hat I offer you my service"
  • EvilteddyEvilteddy Posts: 86 Adventurer
    Wakes up just before sunrise, relieves himself, works the fire back to life, and starts a pot of coffee.
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    One of the original Paragon was my brother! I shall not rest until he is avanged! Count me and my two  daggers in. There will be blood.
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    The wizard nods to @Kjelfalconer as he approaches.

    "Was hoping you'd join in this excursion-- we have much to do."

    The others that approached were new to the old man, but just as valued. He's satisfied with this crew-- they've already show resilience, and it's evident that they can come together when the time is right. They'll need to.

    "Off we go then-- let's break camp and away to the entrance to our quest, the southron end of Siege and once a place of great commerce. For a very long time, it was closed to all, even to themselves. Now the port is starting to send out vessels, and that means the way inside must be evident. Inside, we'll encounter things I've not seen in a while. The dwarves are using their enemies to act as a bit of a barrier between them and the outside world, but how they're doing that and avoiding the danger themselves, I do not know.

    We'll need to pass them to find what we seek. But before that... we need to find a dwarf."

    With that, the wizard begins to break camp and signals to everyone to do the same.  
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    Let's do this! tightens his armor straps and flexes
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    SecretOwl calls Luna and Solaris out of their nap and checks his throwing knives are secure. "Finally a bit of action, even if it is just hunting a gruff guide for our expedition." He finishes gathering what little belongings he has and turns towards the old man "I'm glad we have your experience this day, even if it is a bit rusty." He manages to crack a grin, albeit a nervous one.
  • Psycho_MychoPsycho_Mycho Posts: 69 Adventurer
    Psycho_Mycho decides to first break wind before breaking camp, then quietly smirks and follows the group from the rear. He follows about 15 paces behind the main bunch, constantly watching for any signs of well as for any loot accidentally dropped from the other group members.
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    Kicks out the remainder of the coals and checks the coffee pot.  Pours the remained of the coffee into an almost empty whiskey bottle and packs it away for later.  Grabs his pack, fills his ale skin from last nights keg, takes a swig and tops of his skin again.

    "Last call before we head out!"
    What's better then making good beer?
    Drinking good beer!
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    checks belongings seems to all be here hmm looks around decides following be the best cause of action available right now .
    THE Wizard Did you say dwarf i heard rumours about one    but the journey is not an easy one and the chances of them even being there are very slim in fact they may even be dead but maybe we can consult one of these enemies that stand in the way of the dwarfs? 
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    Dwarfs! I hate dwarfs, they speak loud and they smell...
  • GladorGlador Posts: 43 Adventurer
    You who have been waiting, fear no more because I am here.
  • DrakytheDrakythe Posts: 204 mod
    Drak clambers on top of a large boulder and stands to scout the way ahead. The terrain is rough, rocky and broken. Fissures open in the ground, most merely threatening a broken leg. Some however, threatened an endless fall. The Collapse left its mark in the strangest of ways, and now this ragtag group was following a man in search of the dwarves. How had the Collapse affected them? What Marks had it left on the race of proud and surly people?
  • VersiveVersive Posts: 8 Mendicant
    The path to this world was unlike the others.  The soul stones, once bright and strong were worn to gravel by mid-journey and the final steps before the exit portal were little more than mist.  However, there was no turning back.  The challenge ahead must be faced and, though weary from the last battle, Versive was up to the challenge once again.

    Hello all.  good to be here.  I'm checked into Discord as Versive
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