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    It's not long before they reach the edge of the cliffs, and the thin waterway that leads to the ancient port comes soon thereafter. Small rock islands and outcroppings are a constant threat to the integrity of the raft, and the crew stays on guard against any jutting danger from the deep. 

    @Glador mans the tiller, and each exile is assigned either an oar or weapon to maintain safety and move them along. 

    As the port comes in sight, the old man squints in the sun, trying to make out whether or not there are figures out and about on the masterfully crafted-- but gouged with damage-- port structures. 

    "@Nezuja, if you would please, give us some light and clarity?"
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    Nez approaches the bow of the vessel and flips open his trusty spellbook. Looking towards the port he mumbles some words to himself as his eyes slowly start to glow white. The clarity spell is granting him enhanced vision and hearing. Nez looks in the direction of the port and sighs to himself, then he tells the group, "When we reach the port we won't be alone, I count at least 6 of them... and whatever they are... they are not small."
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    "If it gets me off damned raft, I do not care how many of them there are or if the are friend or foe."
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    Hollow eyes the horizon and continues to row. "I'm ready for the fray if you are lads. We should let the rogues do a little scouting eh." He grins to himself and re-lights his pipe between rowing.

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    Glador mans the tiller and braces for the waves "Aye men we are nearly there, get ready, for you must have heard @Nezuja 's words." The grin that had been painted on his face had now vanished as he saw figures lining the port.
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    Drak sighs and selects a barbed arrow. If these creatures are violent, and as large as @Nezuja is indicating, he would prefer his first shot do as much damage as possible. He moves silenty to the front of the raft and draws to half tension. If they are not friendly, he'll be ready.
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    Matilda's been a great ally all these years. She's a bit of an introvert, often hiding in the darkness and remaining silent. But when she comes out, she can usually leave those lucky enough to meet her speechless within seconds. Her remarkable quickness and beauty is enough to cut through the heart...and neck...of most men and beasts. Mycho wields her, his trusty dagger, as he strongly weighs his options at the moment. Matilda is usually used in situations when her master Mycho has not been noticed. In this raft in the middle of the water, however, stealth is not much of an option. However, an idea forms that just may work in Matilda's advantage. "You all go on ahead when we land. If you don't see me in a few moments thereafter, then don't mistake me for one of the six up ahead".
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    Versive pauses from rowing for a moment, nods to @Psycho_Mycho and quietly utters a few guttural sounding words.  Within moments @Psycho_Mycho seems to be somewhat less noticeable.  "It won't last long but I think that you will know how to put the Spirit Cloak to good use."
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    The men seemed nervous but ready. Glador sits at the back of the boat holding on to the tiller with a iron grip, butterflies always got the advantage of him. His sword is strapped to him back, sheathed in his favourite scabbard. He whispers to @Versive "Five more strokes and then absolute silence.... we are approaching the port."
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    Soxrobin had been quietly keeping to herself for the first part of the voyage, her attention split between the scenery and her companions on the raft.  She had been trying to read the intentions of the others on the hunt to decide who she could trust, who she couldn’t, and who she could only trust at arm’s length.  A few seemed familiar, perhaps reminding her of people she knew back home, while others kept themselves so guarded that she would not have recognized them had they grown up together.  With so many new faces, she eventually gave up and focused her attention on the cliffs.  Only time would tell who she could rely on.  For now, it would do little good to worry herself.

    She was more than a little nervous as the others discussed the potential for combat ahead.  Her preference had always been to avoid direct conflict whenever possible, but she realized that in this harsh wilderness, that would rarely be an option.  Pulling out a short bow and checking the dagger on her belt, she settled herself toward the back of the raft to stay out of the way of the more experienced combatants.  She had come to this continent to make something of herself.  As the cliffs loomed closer and her companions prepared their weapons, she realized it was time to find out what.
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    The boat was eerily still. Glador looked at all those that he had got to know since he had joined them on the boat. He saw someone he did not know, the one who would much rather play with her bow or the slight dagger which never left her waist. @TheWizard had told the crew that her name was @Soxrobin. He thought about going over and introducing himself but then decided against it. 

    Glador began to reflect on the journey thus far... He had joined up looking for a adventure after his father kicked him out... A fresh faced kid up to no good. He was always good with the sword but he didn't have the build that most warriors would have. Instead he had a slighter build which meant slimmer sword worked for him. Although many told him otherwise, a dagger never felt right.

    He was startled out of his day dream as the spray of the bitterly cold water slashed at his face...

    @TheWizard ordered the crew to quieten down as they edged closer to the port.
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    As he does this, the air of the ambiguously-aged mage seems to coalesce into sharpness, an edge he doesn't usually show. But this is the time for it.  He nods in silent approval at @Soxrobin. She may not seek battle, but when she's called to it, she doesn't disappoint.

    He switches to sending.

    You can hear me now, yes-- but they can't.

    He notices some of the party looking around, surprised-- some, a bit uneasy.

    Do not fret. I can't read your minds, I can only send. This will keep those we don't wish alerted... unaware.

    @Glador steers the vessel toward the pockmarked stone dock and the party sees that indeed there are figures on the edge, but not hulking monstrosities or gnarled animals, ready for a fight. Instead there are dwarves. Dwarves with poles, ready to bring the party up to the relative safety of the port. 

    It's not them we're staying silent for, it's those INSIDE. 

    It's at this point, the party realizes the dwarves aren't making noise either. They receive the party and draw the raft in, securing it to the port. But they're stoic and silent and only tip their heads slightly to the mage as he disembarks. It's during this exchange that the "opening" of the port that the wizard had described becomes clear. The old entrance to the mountains of southern Siege is still a ruined mess, rubble and fallen rock barring the way. The new entrance was carved in some way down the edge of the mountain's perimeter.

    The dwarves can't reopen the original entrance, because of them. The ones we're after. Let's head to the old entrance and look for a way in. A couple of you look strong-bodied, and a couple appear to have a way with magick. Let's have a look and see if we can gain entrance. Our "friends" await...

    And you can send now too, by-the-way. Try it...
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    Quickly disembarks from the raft, quite happy to be back on motionless land.

    HMM! It's been a while since I have seen...or rather heard that trick used.  Did you learn that from the Hat or discover it on your own?
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    SecretOwl, Luna, and Solaris disembark as well. Luna seems excited to get into the caves, Solaris not so much. SecretOwl lays a hand on Solaris' head to urge him onward.

    Oh @TheWizard I do hope you have some form of light source for down in the tunnels. While Luna and I are quite happy to stick to the shadows, Solaris may not join us if he cannot see.
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    Mycho, one of the last to disembark the raft, nods in silent appreciation towards @TheWizard. The magic telepathic abilities he has given the group...well, such a feat could only come with decades of one mastering ones craft. 

    I'll start exploring the exterior of the entrance. Maybe a degraded crevasse or cave will allow the group entry.
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    Glador was grateful for the solid ground beneath him as he disembarked the raft which had served as home for some time. At first @TheWizard's abilities disturbed him but quickly got himself together. He thought he would be best served by clearing the smaller boulders to gain entrance.

    I'll be joining the lads clearing the rubble away, I can lend my assistance to them.

    Glador smiled to himself realising that this kind of communication was going to become very useful very soon but thinking of that made his stomach do somersaults as it did before impending confrontations. He would be ready regardless. 
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     amused by the old mans mutterings
     its been awhile since anyone else has spoken  in my head other than myself but as to aid us makes sense to keep the others in the dark now old man is there seems as if the entrance is "breathing" no i must be mistaken surly its not its another trick right RIGHT !!! ?? 
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    Though the spirits might yet aid us, my strongest cloaks wouldn't mask the noise of boulders collapsing on shifting rubble...

    Versive shifts his gaze higher to the natural switchbacks and flora spotting the mountainside. 

    Perhaps our Dwarven hosts haven't been naturally inclined to look up in order to find a way in?
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    2Cool4U sneered at those adventurers walking in the broad sun. What fools. It was like they were practically begging 2Cool4U to relieve them of their possessions. Well, if they insist....

    He crept closer, fingering his amulet as he glided from dusty shadow to dusty shadow. Stealth was unnecessary -- his amulet masked all noise and covered him in an transparent veil -- but old habits die hard. And 2Cool4U would much rather be alive.

    2Cool4U paused behind a rocky outcropping, within earshot of the group. Listening closely, he heard murmurs of "passageway" and "hidden". Hmm...this would be interesting...

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    *Cough* What happened to this *Cough*

    Into Character....

    The party was going no where fast. The boulders just seemed never ending but there had been murmurs of a entrance up above. Glador decided that he may as well join the others in search of this secret entrance, his dark grey cloak would help him to blend in amongst the jagged rocks if he were to run into any strife...... as always his sword was just within arms reach. 
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    Question, is this hunt still ongoing? Has it been continued on in the discord maybe?
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    The bridge above was built to be unassailable and the port below defensible from a lake approach.  Dwarf engineers give great forethought to their works... so perhaps what we seek is not above us after all but rather further in from the lake.  I imagine a smaller service entrance would have been useful during the construction of the port.  They would have made certain that such a route was observable and defensible from the bridge.  Perhaps over there...
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    Out of Character: 

    There will be big movements here on Monday. GET HYPED.
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    I'm up for some adventure, lets see how our fortunes fare.
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    Finally it's "hunting" time....Joeky nodded to himself...
  • joekyjoeky Posts: 56 Adventurer
    "Trimming" his beard using his fav katana 
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    *remains in the shadows near the wizard*

    "Magical assassin at your service sir but I will say my magic deals with helping the dead and talking to them."
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    Wolf had been waiting nearby. The dwarves had told him of a party that was on route to the cave.  He was also on a hunt for whatever may lie inside. He waited for the party to land on a cliff above the caved in entrance. Waiting to see what the ragged band of adventures would do. 

    Wolf was a bear of a man, grizzled from a life in the wilderness. He sat up on the cliff running a whetstone along the blade of his greataxe. He put the whetstone in his pouch and jumped down behind the group landing with a thud. He stood up tall and noded at @TheWizard to show he had no signs of aggresion towards the group. He adjusted his armor and laid the giant axe on his shoulder. He was ready for whatever awaited.
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