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So, I kind of want to write a little book of stories that could have taken place in the past of this world. These by no means have to be canon in the story/lore. But I thought I might write some interesting things that Wiz and crew might be able to draw from if they wish. I'll be posting the book in multiple parts, sort of as a player reading the book. Please feel free to comment all you like. I'll specify specific posts that are story chapters at the start of the post.

If Wiz doesn't like this, I'll stop. But knowing Wiz, he'll love it. I'd like to get one or two stories written tonight so you guys can kind of see what I mean. The book is actually a cool item you can add in to the game if you wish. It's a book called "The Treasured Tales" written by an a currently unknown author. Each story in the book is a Tale that leads to hidden treasures in the areas we have been told about in the world. The Tales will increase with each new area announced.

The book will be read by Darggie, as he likes to collect books and knowledge. :)
I'd be willing to open the story up to some external role play from others once I get it rolling a bit. Just, if you are interest, a PM first, and we'll discuss things. (Not sure about adding other peoples stories just yet, we'll talk though if I really like it).

Anyways, I hope you guys like my little stories.
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    Darggie leans against a tree, firelight flickering at his side, as he pulls out the small book he found earlier in the evening. The only identifying markings on this otherwise plain blue book, is the golden lettering.

    The Treasured Tales

    Curiosity taking him, Darggie opens the book.

    Page 1

    Well hello there, I see you've found my book. This is a collection of my favorite stories. I've collected these Tales from all across the lands. From taverns, to the homeless, to the greatest court bards. Any tale that had a grain of truth, can be read in this book. I recorded them all.

    Prepare yourself. For inside this book are the grandest tales, and the tallest, for not all are true. Riddles abound, and many a maze are truly straight paths. Hints are hidden, and secrets painted on the pages. Only the truly clever, can really see what's right in front of them.

    They call me the Crier. No, I don't cry a lot. I deliver news you uncouth barbarian.
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    Chapter one

    Baler Thromson - a daring adventurer.

    Baler was an adventurer of much renown. His skills were often hired out to the many houses for a multitude of tasks. But his most notable request was from the House of Profit. Not much time after the Breach, but a few months after the fall of Olm, reports of a valuable shipment left behind in the city reached the House of Profit.

    Desperate to get their hands on these goods, but wary of the dangers in the ruins of what was just recently Olm, they hesitated to send one of their own. So they reached out to Baler, who was known to be for hire, and had the kind of reputation they were looking for.

    Eagerly accepting the Quest, for the payment was hefty indeed, Baler set out.
    For a few weeks he camped in the wilderness on his travels to the ruins. Travel was fairly safe, and he reached the ruins without much trouble.

    Creeping through the ruins with care, he neared the location of the shipment, to discover the building (Stermin Storage) had collapsed into a tunnel dug up from the ground. Baler scouted around the area and saw no danger in sight. Just the rubble of the collapsed buildings. Just a faint stench he couldn't place.

    "Down into the tunnel it seems..." Baler mutters quietly to himself.

    Edging toward the rim of the tunnel, he slowly picks a path down, seeing battered crates and wagons along the floor of the tunnel leading deeper under ground.

    Pulling a torch from his pack, he strikes a flame and searches about. It wasn't to much longer that he see's a long metal box, with the House of Profit's banner engraved upon the lid. Approaching the box with care, he slides open the lid to uncover an elegant sword.

    Astaroc - The name engraved upon the hilt, blade shining as if newly polished.

    Baler grasps the blade by the hilt and draws it forth, impressed by the balance and weight of the blade... When the rubble behind him starts to shift, the stench getting suddenly worse.

    Baler whirls around, just in time to to see a Chaotic, formed from the elements of the ruins rear up and rush forward. Throwing a large stone as it does.

    Baler just barely gets his shield up in time to deflect the brunt of the stone, only to see the Chaotic almost atop him. Swinging his blade, which moved quicker in his grasp then any sword before, at the creatures head. He felt the blade connect. With a shriek of Metal on stone, he cleaves one of the creatures Fangs clean off. The fang, which started glowing with weird markings sails into the tunnel wall nearby.

    The Chaotic, injured from the slash, stumbled past Baler, crashing into the tunnel wall as well. The tunnel shakes at the impact and rock starts to fall around Baler.

    Baler darts towards the Fang, hoping to grab it and run, when the Chaotic's arm swings out and hits him in the side. Collapsing to the ground, Baler can only watch as the ceiling crumbles above him. With a final shudder, the tunnel collapses, Baler underneath. As the dust settles, only a hilt, slightly protruding from the rubble, remains...

    Thus end's the Tale of Baler.
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    Chapter 2

    Just Magikal Fiction - Before the Collapse

    Their once was a time when the thought of creating a Breech to another world was just Magikal Fiction, and all those foolhardy enough to try and create a Breech were either sucked in and never heard from again, or caught and banished to The Continent.

    That in turn proved to be the folly of the Magik Guild.  For many of these men started to gather in secret deep within the abandoned mines and caves of the southern part of The Continent.  With the combined research and power of these men they eventually figured out how to safely open a Breech.

    At first the Breech openings were short, but often from the other side much stronger spell casters and even a few minor Wizards were brought through from the other side to help open larger more stable Breeches.

    It was not long before they were able to hold open a Breech for a day, by now they were recruiting warriors and rogues to mount expeditions to the other side of the Breeches, most of these expeditions brought forth great success and wealth to those willing to cross to the other side.  Those holding the Breech open always charged a large cut of the loot under the threat of leaving you on the other side.

    This continued for many months and those opening the Breeches grew very wealthy. Until...expedition parties started to not return from the other side.  Despite this many adventures continued to come for the reward from a successful raid was much greater then then the risk of failure.

    Those from the other side of the Breeches were not just stupid beast after all, they had been slaughtering the adventures but capturing those capable of magik.  In some of the more evil worlds those captured were tortured and turned into unnatural beasts.  In other worlds they were give titles and court positions.  Both groups had the same goal, open a Breech for us.

    Rumor was starting to reach the ears of the Magik Guild of these dangerous affairs on The Continent, and thus the Guild sent out some magik enforcers and a small fleet of men to The Continent to put an end to these acts.  However, by the time they got there it was too late.

    After many days of assault on the mines and having to battle many strange new magiks from other worlds the Magik Guild finally broke through their defenses.  The guild have achieved victory had just started destroying all the research on how to open and create Breechss when several Breeches suddenly opened all over the word and the Chaotic emerged from one of the darker, evil worlds, and thus began The Collapse.

    Ah, but why the history lesson you ask?  Well with the start of the collapse the Magik Guild did not have time to finish raiding or removing all the magiks withing the mines or caves.  Now remember those very wealthy spell casters the held the Breeches open?  They had to cache their share of loot somewhere now did they not?
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    Ode of the Magik Hat and it's Protector

    There once was a mighty wizard,
    Famed for killing a great lizard,
    On his head he wore a trusty Hat,
    Imbued with some of this and that.

    One night while he rested,
    A mighty foe he had just bested,
    By an ember the hat was marked,
    And thus begins a tale many bard has larked.

    The Hat gave the wizard a quest,
    With that the wizard went west,
    To make a friend,
    Whose life would never end.

    The wizard look high and low,
    But no such friend did show,
    Til one day he found a man,
    With much skill with his hand.

    The wizard offered him a special drink,
    Which the man had to think,
    For if he choose this life,
    It could be full of strife.

    So the wizard offered him a mighty purse,
    Should he choose this curse,
    For the Hat needed a protector,
    From the more nefarious sector.

    So the man drank the beer,
    Which almost brought the end very near,
    For many days he toiled,
    Feeling like his insides were boiled.

    Once recovered he found,
    That any injury was bound,
    To heal with great speed,
    For that was the Hat's need.

    The Bearer and the man battled for many years,
    And their legend reached many ears,
    Til one the Hat tried to steal,
    The mind of the Wizard Jeel.

    Jeel instructed the man,
    It was time to follow the plan,
    An epic battle was fought,
    Each other's lives each sought.

    Many tears the man did shed,
    As Jeel lay there and bled,
    With his last breathe Jeel did thank,
    The man whose arms he sank.

    Upon Jeel's death the Hat did disappear,
    And waited many a year,
    For the next wizard that could wield,
    The might power the Hat did shield.

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