A Very Unusual Sword

In the last Dev Update, we shared the design of this very interesting sword.

What manner of craftsman or blacksmith or what-have-you created a weapon such as this? And what might it do? If you have guesses, discuss here. If you end up being right, we'll give you one when the game launches...
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  • NezujaNezuja Posts: 90 mod
    Pretty sure that was created by Natal, the vampire blacksmith over in Siege. Legend has it that if it cuts you, your bleed for eternity and your body never heals the cut. What did he call it... "Last Rights" I think it was.
  • InfamAceInfamAce Posts: 1 Mendicant
    This weapon looks like it was crudely made to be a basic sword, but overtime evolves to be an much scarier weapon. The crystal absorbs the blood it spills to evolve and grows stronger, sharper, and malicious like Soul Edge from Soulcalibur.
  • EvilteddyEvilteddy Posts: 86 Adventurer
    This sword was forged on the other side of a breach, by a daemon blacksmith. forged from Red Dragon scales and imbued with a daemonic thirst for blood, but be careful for this sword cares not if the blood be from an enemy or it's wielder.
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  • TalinTalin Posts: 22 Adventurer
    edited January 2017
    Sure an, you got yourself the vile blade,  "Life-drinker" whose scratches are so vicious and seem to bleed long after they should have healed. I'd take extra care my boy when sheathing that thing. Nick yer hand just a wee bit and you'll be dripping blood for hours.
    She's said to have been quenched in the life blood of 100 gobbos, an' I hear tell that if'n you slay greenies with it, it gets more t' glowin' the bigger the greenies the more glow she gets, tales say that grass giants are a good source of power, but if yer really wantin' to unlock her true potential, you needs to kill a green wyrm. That's when she shows her full glow and shines with power.  
    I'll warn ya son, if you don't keep her fed on greenies, she's not opposed to drinkin' the life of her wielder. Thought ya slipped and cut your arm? That was ol' "Life-drinker" letting you know she's not getting what she needs.
    Don't say I ne' warned ya boy. She's a powerful blade, but dangerous too.
  • helpicantflyhelpicantfly Posts: 111 Adventurer

    leeching sword of anger 
    from house revenge  
    formed by a sorcerer  
    a crystal sword  imbued with the strength of a bear the deeper red it is the more powerful it is.(or the more it glows)
    the crystal absorbs fury ,anger,wrath ( you get it right) turning it red.
    Filling the sword with the power of the bear makes this sword extremely
     this anger slowly seeps out (keep it full to receive the most benefit) 
    Im sure this could be improved on
    and perhaps each house would have its own specific weapon /armor etc 
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  • FinjinimoFinjinimo Posts: 264 Hero
    It looks kinda like a lava lamp. So I'm gunna call it Lamp. It's only function is decorational, although it does sometimes make people on questionable substances say "Whaaaaaaat?!... that's so trippy man! Full on!"
    ...jiggly bits...
  • HollowHollow Posts: 38 MARKED
    This ancient sword is known as 'The Devourer'. It was summoned by a very experienced user of black magick.  The sword, like a parasite, becomes one with its wielder.  Its blood-thirst transfers life into its wielder as a lifelinking effect.  However, the blade is said to have negative repercussions to its user if it does not feed often. 
    This demonic blade eventually becomes strong enough to be considered a living weapon.
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