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@TheWizard posted the newest update and in it he brought up how the team is intending to use color and other features of equipment as a 'tell,' or visual cue, of that item's function/rarity. These tells will hopefully give us, the players, the ability to guess at our opponent's build and make better decisions in PvP combat (Sidenote: Will these visual tells be used on PvE opponents as well, or will they be a different style?). Attached are the two images @TheWizard shared. What are your thoughts on visual tells for armor/equipment and player builds?


  • SecretOwlSecretOwl Posts: 40 Adventurer
    I absolutely love the tells system. The only concern I have is that doing this pigeon-holes us into only having one "flavor" of stat on each piece of equipment. To be fair though, that could be a good difference between regular gear and legendary gear. Assuming that legendary gear has a unique appearance, that would be its own tell in and of itself and then those pieces could have more than one "flavor" per piece. Just spit-balling on that one.
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    Follow up discussion from the discord chat:

    TheWizard-Today at 2:32 PM

    thank you @drakythe . Linked
    owll, you hit the point on legendaries right on the head
    the theory is that if you're a very observant/skilled playerm you will come to know the legendary effects themselvwa and they're their own tell
    the good news on the concern you pointed out on the rest of them is that the "flavors" are rough. there are exceptions
    the tell is meant to give the opponent directional guidance, not the whoe story

    SecretOwl-Today at 2:37 PM

    Fair enough. Safe to assume it is the main stat that affects the flavor?

    TheWizard-Today at 2:37 PM

    or combo of stats thereof
    the typical rare item has 3 stat effects on it
    which could be any of the "main" stats like STR, DEX, etc or one of the resistences or armor

    SecretOwl-Today at 2:38 PM

    Oh okay fair enough. So whichever flavor has the most influence on the item total will determine the tell

    TheWizard-Today at 2:38 PM

    and, really, any combo

    SecretOwl-Today at 2:38 PM

    Awesome, I am cool with that as a solution.
    I actually like that some of the information is masked.
    I can use it as a misdirection in builds.
    "Oh he is specced all attack!" Just kidding all my secondary stats are dodge lololol

    TheWizard-Today at 2:39 PM

    hoping that is an interesting option too

    SecretOwl-Today at 2:40 PM

    It will make me reconsider some pieces of equipment based on what their tell ends up being too. Single point thresholds might end up being important.
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