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I'm very excited about this. 

Loot in Exiles is, as you know, crucial. And the system is evolving every day. And there will never be an end to it. We'll release expansions as we go that introduce new effects and dynamics into the game for your battling pleasure.

Now it's time for you to contribute your ideas for the chance to have an item you've devised put into the game! Here's how it works:

The Loot system follows a naming convention as follows-- 
  1. If an item is Common, it's just the word: "Sword" or "Shield" or "Shoulders" etc
  2. If an item is Rare, it has a prefix: "Fiery Sword" or "Mysterious Staff." This telegraphs what the item's effects are.
  3. If an item is Epic, it has a prefix and a suffix: "Fiery Sword of Destruction" or "Slippery Banana of the Mogre." It has additional effects beyond that of the prefix.
  4. If an item is Legendary, it has a proper name: "Durashan's Wind of Wrath" or simply "Forgiveness." These items do awesome things.
Your job is to submit your ideas for loot on the Exiles Subreddit in the PCEC thread that is there now or here in this thread on the forums-- this way we can all comment or add to your ideas submitted there on the fly.  This first contest will be a learning experience for everyone-- all of the various effects haven't been revealed for the game, so get creative for now. You will make items that break the game and that's ok, because there will be several categories for winning, not all of which end up in the game (but you still win stuff). Imagine what you want an item to do and submit it!

The categories and prizing for winning are:
  • The Paragon - this is the big winner. This is the "best' item (see rules below) that will work in the game. It will be modeled and put in the game (rings, belts and bracers are not). You will receive a beautiful image of the item, and the item itself in your inventory when the expansion of the game that includes the item launches. 
  • The Loose Cannon - this is the craziest item. It will not go in the game but will be fun to talk about. You will receive a Chest in the game when it launches. 
  • The Fisherman's Boot - this is the funniest item. It will not go in the game but will be fun to talk about. You will receive a Chest in the game when it launches. 
All winners will be immortalized in a special upcoming thread - The Scroll of Exaltation!

  • Submission deadline is May 10 at 12:00 PM CST
  • Winning any category comes as a result of 2 subjective steps: 1. 3 finalists are picked by Gunslinger staff (upvotes, comments, feasibility within game system, etc help) and 2. finalist items are posted in the forums and voted upon by community
  • You can submit up to 3 total items. Submitting more, while appreciated, will result in disqualification from prizing.
  • If you don't win anything, but feel like the idea was just. almost. right. there, you can re-submit it in the next PCEC. 
  • Gunslinger reserves the right to alter rules, names and anything else about the item.
  • Submitting an idea means that Gunslinger owns that idea, loot item, and anything else related that goes in the game. 
  • Gunslinger reserves the right to not publish any item. 
  • Exiles Forums username (don't forget this or we won't be able to contact you)
  • Item Name (see naming conventions above)
  • Slot (head, shoulders, chest, legs, hands, bracers, ring, belt, feet, main hand, off hand)
  • Description (whatever you want to say about it. Can be lore, effects, whatever)
  • Effects (what does it do in numbers-- damage, stat buffs, does something if hit or if missed or what-have-you)
  • Optional: Why (this is just an optional place for you to sell the item. Why must it be in this game? What's so special about it?)

The stats in Exiles are currently:
  • Strength (STR)
  • Intelligence (INT)
  • Dexterity (DEX)
  • Speed (SPD)
  • Constitution (CON)
  • Wisdom (WIS)
  • Awareness (AWR)
  • Luck (LCK)
  • Crit Chance
  • Armor (AMR)
  • Martial Resistance (MRR)
  • Magic Resistance (MGR)
  • Mystic Resistance (MYR)
  • Hit Points (HP)
What they all do is still in design, so use your deep references to other RPGs and you'll probably be about right. As far as effects, I won't impede your creativity for now.

Have questions? Ask in this thread. Have an idea? Submit on the Reddit thread!
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  • FinjinimoFinjinimo Posts: 264 Hero
    Hey Whizz-Fizz McFarty Pants. Why we have to use reddit? Are these forums not cool enough?
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  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    Yes, they are and several of you have indicated they don't use Reddit, so if you'd like to submit here, do so (same rules apply)!
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  • HollowHollow Posts: 38 MARKED

    Lich's Lantern Staff –Main Hand –Legendary Staff




    +MGR Resist

    +MYR Resist 

    Effects: This staff absorbs all Mystic and Magick attacks cast by opponent in the first two rounds. Every subsequent round after deals 15% of the absorbed damage back to the opponent increasing by 5% each turn.  If no attack is absorbed, the lantern damages its wielder by 10% hp and each turn thereafter increasing by 10% until the match is over.

    Optional: This item is great for casters against other casters. It shields against damaging spells in the first two rounds and requires the opponent to power up, play strategically, or rush to kill their opponent quickly.  I guess I just like the idea of a Lantern Staff aesthetically. 

  • HollowHollow Posts: 38 MARKED

    AetherFlail – Main Hand –Legendary Flail

    Crushing damage

    + Armor

    + Dex

    + Wis

    + All resist

    + Adds +5% armor with each successful hit

    + Blocks first critical hit from opponent


    This legendary flail was unearthed after the collapse.  An infamous cleric had this flail imbued with powerful magick used to aid her in battle.

    Optional: This item would be great for tanks and as a good stat buffer for other duel wielding warriors.

  • FinjinimoFinjinimo Posts: 264 Hero
    • Item Name: Walking Stick (rare? why no uncommon?)
    • Slot : Off hand
    • Description: An old codgers walking stick. This venerable item has aided the mobility of many an aged warrior. When jabbed with aggression by the surly and cantankerous, it has an uncanny knack of finding the pressure point in the small of your back.
    • Effects : +1 dmg, +2 Spd, +50% critical chance.
    • OptionalI once had an ancient relative jab me with their walking stick. It hurt. I also like the idea of an item that does a lot of criticals, but where the criticals are actually really small. (CRITICAL DAMAGE!!!!! -1 health).
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  • FinjinimoFinjinimo Posts: 264 Hero
    • Item Name: Fake Beard
    • Slot: head (ur face)
    • Description: Some people question the wisdom of wearing a fake beard, those people are boring.
    • Effects: +5 Wisdom.
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  • FinjinimoFinjinimo Posts: 264 Hero
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    • Item Name: Nnggghhhughgh
    • Slot: Belt? Off hand? Where do we put consumables Wizzy?
    • Description: Nnggghhhughgh, named for everyone's first reaction to consuming the smallest thimbleful of this potent liquid. It is known to cause extreme bravado, numbness to pain, and memory loss. It also functions as a very good paint stripper.
    • Effects: +5 Strength, -10 Intelligence, -10 Dexterity, -5 Speed, +5 Constitution, -10 Wisdom, -10 Awareness, +20 Luck, +20 Martial Resistance.
    • Optional: The good stuff, Wizzy. You know why.
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  • FinjinimoFinjinimo Posts: 264 Hero
    I had a dream last night that my fake beard made it into game. Is it true Wizzy? Awesome! Thanks buddy!
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  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    Haha, not yet, Mr Finji. But your entries are noted, and I will be judging them this next week and posting soon thereafter with winners!
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  • 2Cool4U2Cool4U Posts: 3 Mendicant
    And the winners are........... ;)
  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    In case you're wondering, here's the link to the winners!
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