THE ROLL TABLE (where you can wins prizes at the 5/9 AMA at 5:30p CDT)

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Tonight at 5:30p CDT in the Discord Channel, we will have discussion far and wide about all things Exiles. If you are in attendance, we will also be ROLLING. If you are selected in chat to ROLL for a prize, you will roll D100 using our Discord bot (courtesy of @Drakythe). Once you roll, you will receive a prize according to the following table (most prizes will not become available until the game launches): 

1 - You are banned from Exiles for life 

2-20 - A Common Item of your choice

21-40 - A Rare Item of your choice

41-70 - An Epic Item of your choice

71-80 - A Legendary Item of your choice

81-90 - You're the Exile of the Week (comes with a role in Discord, a title in the forums, an Epic item of your choice FOR YOU AND A FRIEND OF YOUR CHOICE and the power to make any Dev you see in chat do a humiliating emote trick on command once per day). If more than one Exile gets this, they will roll D20 for order (in order from highest roll to lowest). This honor lasts one week and then goes away. 

91-99 - Collaboration with the development team on the creation of an item with your character's name embedded in the description (must be approved by development team-- we're not making a "Bucket of S#$%," @Finjinimo)

99 - A starring role in the recent role-playing Siege Hunt (what does THAT mean? you just wait and see...)

100 - TheWizard will have to answer questions from you as "ANSWERHERE, Your Grace" in chat until the game launches and a Legendary Item of your choice.

Note: All "of your choice" items must be chosen from the items revealed to the community prior to game launch (there will be many). These will be recorded and awarded to your character after the game launches (NOT during beta).
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