Female Character Options for Players - Inclusiveness

I have mentioned this title to various friends, and quite a few friends that identify as female or other really am excited about this title - however, there is a huge and immediate recognition that this title so far has only shown character options for players that are "man with no facial hair" to "man with lots of facial hair". 

It was offputting to those who wanted player options who identify and would be more excited to play a game if it had options available to be represented as female.

I am very excited about this title, and so are many others, but for the sake of expanding the customer base I hope more options (that are beyond the stereotypical and sexist bikini armor on female characters) become available!

Maybe i'm just guessing the demographics wrong, but are there others in the community that feel the same?


  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    Actually, that's just a function of time and resources! There will be playable females and not in bikinis (the one there is just for reference for the warrior and rogue concepts)! Check it out (I haven't shown them in a while only because we're jamming to get a testable build done):

    I'll SMITE you
  • blanksblanks Posts: 4 Mendicant
    Awesome, I'll be sure to reassure them.
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