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Welcome to the voting for Exiles' 1st Player Created Gear Contest! We have taken a look at the many submissions (thank you everyone), and categorized 3 submissions for your consideration in each category. Take a look below and then vote on each in the linked thread with the voting poll in it! Voting will end on the 4th of July with winners announced soon thereafter!

THE PARAGON - (to go in the game. vote HERE)

1) by @Mieth

Item Name: The Fallen's Last Stand 

Slot: Chest Piece 

Description: The objective of this item is to angle out an additional turn to pull out a victory. 

Effects: After taking what would be lethal damage, your character comes back to life with 1 HP and you have initiative for the next round. Stats are mediocre compared to other gear of the same tier to offset getting an additional turn. Optional: This type of item should be in the game to give an opportunity to characters that don't have front loaded damage. Also, to help set up potential combo's for a last turn hurrah.

2) by @SecretOwl

Item Name: Jakallen's Aegis

Slot: off-hand

Description: This is a shield with the face of a viper on it. It also has small barbs around the outside of it that drip with a terrible poison.

Effects: Increases AMR, MMR, MGR, and MYR. (AMR and MMR have higher stats than the other two). It also automatically applies a poison DoT effect on any enemy that does physical damage to you. Ranged damage does not proc the effect.

Optional: I wanted to make an item based on Jake "the Snake" Allen who is the St. Louis Blues goaltender. I also wanted to make a defensive item that can turn the tide of battle since my second favorite archetype is the heavily armored tank. I made the special effect always proc on a physical hit because a legendary item should feel powerful. However, I felt it was only right to have it not proc on ranged attacks because a) it makes sense and b) powerful items should have a way to play around them in my opinion.

3) by @MaulD

Item Name: Crown of the Blood-drunk King

Slot: Head

Description/Lore: The crown once belonged to a king who went mad and slaughtered his underlings during a rampage. Since then, the crown started to feed on its owners blood to give incredible power.

Effect: Increases HP by 150. Every time you attack, the crown takes 1/10 of your total HP. After that effect triggered 3 times, the crown is satisfied and empoweres your next attack. It now deals 50% of the health you paid as bonus damage. You get healed for 60% of the total damage dealt with that attack.

Optional: I don't know if that item is realisable or if it would be too op. But I think it would be nice if you want a tank that can also deal damage the more HP he has. In most RPGs the tank just stands there and doing little damage. An item like this could fix that problem.

4) by @Glador

Item Name: Shield of the Hearth

Slot: Off Hand

Description: A combination of hardwood and steel. A shield with stylistic features very reminiscent of a fire. Broad shield covering the player well but also has a good amount of depth to it (Requires a strong character to wield)

Effects: Huge amount of defense but also gives a good amount of health from the magical effects of the warmth and rejuvination of the shield.

5) by @Nezuja

Item Name: The Big Stick

Slot: main-hand

Description: "Speak softly, and carry a big stick."

Effects: Increases all core stats by +2. Also has a chance to stun your opponent.

THE LOOSE CANNON - (craziest. does not go in the game. vote HERE)

1) by @Evilteddy

Item: Steve

Slot: Ring

Description: Steve was a very good thief, or so the legend goes, but one day while inspecting his resent accusations, an ember landed on both him and the ring he was holding binding them both together. (Ring should be a plain looking good band with "Steve" inlayed in silver on it.)

Effects: +10 LCK, +5 DEX, Chance to "acquire" 1 extra loot item or 50% more gold from defeated foes.

Optional: I just wanted to name something "Steve".

2) by @Hollow

Item Name: Lich's Lantern Staff 

Slot: Main Hand 




+MGR Resist

+MYR Resist

Effects: This staff absorbs all Mystic and Magick attacks cast by opponent in the first two rounds. Every subsequent round after deals 15% of the absorbed damage back to the opponent increasing by 5% each turn. If no attack is absorbed, the lantern damages its wielder by 10% hp and each turn thereafter increasing by 10% until the match is over.

Optional: This item is great for casters against other casters. It shields against damaging spells in the first two rounds and requires the opponent to power up, play strategically, or rush to kill their opponent quickly. I guess I just like the idea of a Lantern Staff aesthetically.

3) by @2Cool4U

Item Name: Vigilance (legendary)

Slot: Belt

Description: Some play, some drink, some sleep. Others guard.

Effects: AMR++, AWR+, all resistance+; Never suffer critical damage

Optional: Honestly, I just wanted to make a legendary belt. I think it would be so cool to never suffer critical damage, but might be a game breaker (especially if rogue characters rely on critical damage). HEY COOL IDEA--> I was thinking this could be part of a set of equipment, like "The Armor of the Sentinel" or something epic like that. There could be different equipment like "Diligence" and "Vigor" and "Perserverance". And maybe even some stat or effect bonus if you have the entire set? Anyway, it's a freaking legendary belt. 

4) by @wmcnz

Item name: Starfall

Slot: Main hand / weapon

Description: Cold forged from meteoric iron by the dwarven smiths of Shield, the rough shaped head of this massive hammer trails silver light. In combat every strike erupts in argent flame leaving its victim reeling with blackened armor. Runes on the simple stone shaft read "The heavens my forge; the mountains my anvil".

Effects: High crushing damage Passive increase to Strength, Constitution, and Martial Resistance. Every successful weapon strike inflicts the Shattered debuff, which removes 10% Armor and stacks up to 5 times. Every missed weapon strike inflicts the Staggered debuff, which decreases chance to dodge by 10% and stacks up to 5 times.

Optional: Legendary weapon which encourages short brutal fights by quickly stripping the opponent of either armor or dodge. The head of the hammer looks something like this.

5) by @2Cool4U

Item name: The Double Duper Disk

Slot: Ring

Description: Caution: Side effects may include uncontrollable drooling, short-term multiple personality disorder, urges to make animal noises, migraines, and a slim chance of being transformed into entropic energy. Other than that it's quite safe!

Effects: (WIP) Every other turn you and your opponent switch abilities and use them as your own; INT+, WIS+, AWR-, MGR+, MYR+

Optional: There are some problems with this ring (like, PVE (not players with abilities)? class specific abilities? when it switches (I was considering having it the switch be an ability you could just use)?) BUT, it would be totally AWESOME and lead to some super strategic plays. You could strip your opponent of abilities that complement their equipment and then you and your opponent would have to beat the other using unfamiliar abilities. Anyway, problems, but cool idea.

THE FISHERMAN'S BOOT - (funniest. does not go in the game. vote HERE)

1) by @SecretOwl

Item Name: Hearty Focus of Banana

Slot: off-hand

Description: This is an off-hand focus meant to be used by a mage. It looks like a large banana.

Effects: Does not add any damage, instead has a large boost to CON and/or HP (hence the Hearty keyword). On-hit it procs a debuff on the opponent that gives them a chance to slip and fall (mechanically it is a stun).

Optional: I would feel terrible about myself if one of my three entries was not banana based. It is a Wizard item strictly for pandering.

2) by @Evilteddy

Item: Yellow Skinned Tome of Banana Puns

Slot: Hand

Description: This appealing tome contains all of the knowledge of banana based attacks. From classics like the Peel Slip and Banana Bang, to new ones like Flying Banana Daggers and Peel Armor.

Effects: Grants holder the ability to use Banana Based spells, but the Tome will reject to user if the fail to make Banana puns.

Optional: Why Not?

3) by @Finjinimo

Item Name: Nnggghhhughgh

Slot: Belt? Off hand? Where do we put consumables Wizzy?

Description: Nnggghhhughgh, named for everyone's first reaction to consuming the smallest thimbleful of this potent liquid. It is known to cause extreme bravado, numbness to pain, and memory loss. It also functions as a very good paint stripper.

Effects: +5 Strength, -10 Intelligence, -10 Dexterity, -5 Speed, +5 Constitution, -10 Wisdom, -10 Awareness, +20 Luck, +20 Martial Resistance.

Optional: The good stuff, Wizzy. You know why.

4) by @Finjinimo

Item Name: Walking Stick 

Slot : Off hand

Description: An old codgers walking stick. This venerable item has aided the mobility of many an aged warrior. When jabbed with aggression by the surly and cantankerous, it has an uncanny knack of finding the pressure point in the small of your back.

Effects : +1 dmg, +2 Spd, +50% critical chance.

Optional: I once had an ancient relative jab me with their walking stick. It hurt. I also like the idea of an item that does a lot of criticals, but where the criticals are actually really small. (CRITICAL DAMAGE!!!!! -1 health).


NOTE: I would also like to honor Mieth/Twitch for the use of "baby golem toes" in an entry. This is amazing and must be recognized.. 

I'll SMITE you


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