Winners of the Player Created Gear Contest

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Again, congratulations to all of the finalists in the Alpha for the Player Created Gear Contest-- there will be more! The Exiles have spoken and the results are in:

THE PARAGON (the big winner - this item will be in the game after launch)

Jakallen's Aegis - by @SecretOwl

This is a very serious shield that will no doubt save a combatant's bacon (description here).  Combining Armor with all of the resistances makes for a daunting defense. Couple that with a reactionary poison effect (TBD on if we'll have those effects, but we'll substitute with something else if not) and you've got an offhand item to be coveted. 


Steve - by @Evilteddy

It's no normal ring (description here).  It's STEVE, and it/he breaks the whole economy of the game with his extra getting-ness! Dubbed crazy, but the voters, his creator will get a free Chest in the game when it launches!


Hearty Focus of Banana - by @SecretOwl

By a mere 1 vote, the banana-themed focus (description here) pulled out the nod for the funniest and its creator will receive a free Chest when the game launches. If you read its description, you'll realize that it would also be extremely useful. Hmm...

Congratulations to all who submitted, all who voted and all who won! And remember, this is the first of many. Keep your ideas coming and as you learn the ins and outs of EoE, get ready for another shot at in-game glory!

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