Benefix - The blood spiller

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[OOC - This is inspired by my actual condition, Severe Haemophillia B, Benefix is actually the make of my medication used to essentially keep me alive]

No one knows his true name, Benefix is his alias. For years this seemingly careless individual has kept himself to himself. His childhood shrouded in mystery, no one knows who his parents are, where he is from, nothing about his past, his puzzle can't be solved. There is one thing people know.. One puzzle piece.

No one is sure of this humans abilities, does he wield a sword? Does he have an arsenal of magic? All he portrays is the amazing ability to be able to read an enemy, pinpoint flaws, tales state this is due to his own flaws, his own weaknesses but only he is aware what these may be, his foes have never lived to tell the tales. 

The one one thing that has been underlined in his story is that he takes more time to recover from battles - no one is aware as to why, his ability to overcome the unthinkable, defeat the hardest opponents must be covered by the mask of shadows that currently covers his past.
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