Yearly Shenanigan day! (3/8/18)

As some of you who have been around a while know, my birthday is 3/9. As Shenaniganizer on the discord chat I put together a contest on my birthday that has prizes for when the game launches! I will not be around on my actual birthday so the event is Thursday March 8th instead! This is a sanctioned event and the prize structure will be at @TheWizard 's discretion. I try to vary the events so everyone has a chance to participate and do well.

Here is the format for this year's fun:

Bananas: When you do well in an event you will be awarded a number of bananas. You will be ranked at the end by total number of bananas, and prizes will be awarded starting at the top until I run out of the prizes @TheWizard gave me to give out.

*ALL events that have a subjective component (art contests, gear contests, etc.) will be voted on by secret ballot by the participants (AND any DEVS that are on at the time) so I can't be accused of favoritism or any such nonsense! (Though I DO get a single vote like everyone else)

Schedule (Times are approximate but I will stick as close to them as possible) (All times are CST):
0800 - Event begins with a mini hunt. So brush up on your Embermark knowledge!
0900 - Art contest! Last year's art contest portion made @TheWizard look silly. This years will be more Embermark themed.
1000 - Themed player created gear contest!
1100 - *break for lunch*
1200 - Themed monster creation contest.
0100 - Battle Royale!!!! See last years event by searching discord for an idea. Extra rules this year around stances etc. 
0300 - Closing ceremonies and prize announcements

Themes will NOT be announced in advance so you can't come pre-prepared ;)

Good luck everyone and spread the word!


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