Build Notes - Exiles Version .2657


  • Crash Fixes
  • Salvage
  • Additional Item Badging


  • On the battle results screen we incorporated the Chest icon and reduction amount with the list of 4 items to better communicate that the items are a result of opening one of your reward chests.
  • New item pips now apply to individual items slots as well as the main inventory button. For example, if you have a new helm waiting for you the head slot will now have a "!" over it letting you know. 
  • Removed deprecated stance icon and details menu from battle ui.


  • Fixed crash that sometimes resulted from equipping items the player earned without refreshing the game session. 
  • This could also make it to appear you had “lost” gear or that it became unequipped.
  • Salvaging items should no longer result in an infinite spinner waiting for services. Salvaged items now award the player with our crafting materials Scrap and Ember. *note crafting is NOT included in this release but we are working on it. 
  • Implemented fix for the Slash crash.  Unfortunately this fix only applies to warriors who have not gotten the Slash ability already. If you'd like to continue playing as your existing warriors please continue to avoid using this ability. We appreciate your patience on this issue. 


  • It is possible that when you equip a new item its item icon will not update correctly on the corresponding paperdoll slot without leaving the character menu or equipping another item.

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