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New to the Exiles community? Well, then introduce yourself, let us know what brought you here and let us welcome you! I'll go first:

Hi, I'm TheWizard, one of the developers of this new game and the reason I'm here is that I love all things fantasy, gaming, community and (tasty) lore. Here's a more verbose version of that reasoning, if you want to get into more detail.

I'm excited to go through the development process with you, and I'm available for questions, suggestions and feedback. And maybe a Battle or two...
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  • MusashiMusashi Posts: 10 Adventurer
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    Why don't we start getting a little organized? Lets start introducing ourselves etc here in a single thread for all to scroll through with glee. :smiley:

    I'll start with myself of course;

    I am known as Musashi from the old Continuum group, I honestly can't reminisce enough on that so I won't go on here about it. I enjoy stories and role playing. I am not a 'huge' mobile gamer but I do dabble in what I find to be a good solid game. I hope to see 'Paragons' become great and will try my best to do what I can to make it achieve that status/respect.

    I am also a youtuber/live streamer. I am currently 28 years old and I am engaged to a wonderful woman. :smiley: I am pretty open to any questions etc so always feel free to chat me up etc.. :wink: 
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  • drglorydrglory Posts: 32 Adventurer
    Hey everyone!

    I'm drglory from the old TC days. Some called me Doc. Looking forward to seeing what Wiz has to offer this time around! My gaming time has lost a lot of focus as I have recently been married and attempt to balance work, home, and everything else that goes with it.

    Wiz, please tell me my beloved Vampire Brute is gonna make an appearance! Still sad I never got my number 1.
  • supe04supe04 Posts: 5 Mendicant
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    Hey all! I'm Macedaace from the old days. Super glad to be back. Can't wait to see where this goes.
  • KjelfalconerKjelfalconer Posts: 99 Adventurer
    Well, I'm Kjel. You might know me from such accounts as Kjelfalconer, and Kjelfalconer. Seriously, if you google it I'm all of the results.

    I'm still sat here, not forgetting my accolade of being the first person in the beta. Playing the first public game. Losing the first public game. (Curse you Obi!)

    Also I live in a massively different timezone to everyone else on the internet apparently. My e-social life bemoans this a lot.
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  • helpicantflyhelpicantfly Posts: 111 Adventurer
    i too was once a tc player 
    thought i would pop in to check out the wizs new adventure see what hes got shaking and hope its just as much fun as tc ever was.
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  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    Welcome all-- much show-and-tell and discussion to come. We appreciate you hopping in to check out what's cooking with Paragons and I promise a wild ride. 

    And @Kjelfalconer, perhaps your timezone issue is a plus in the world of online battles and adventures, given your "1st" accomplishments. 

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  • XeruXeru Posts: 93 Adventurer
    Hello peeps. I think I forget Who I was from the old days. Azure or Xeru or Azurexeru maybe. I'm just fielding my generic old use gamenames I generally use so these might not be correct but I'm sure Wiz can scan my email and tell me what my TC name actually was lol
  • KjelfalconerKjelfalconer Posts: 99 Adventurer

    Nah. I just happened to still be up at midnight with my email client open when you sent the links.
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  • RitchieNickRitchieNick Posts: 2 Mendicant
    Ooooo, i cant wait The Continuum was my favorite game ever (even more than Starcraft) and i cant wait until this game drops, Hopefully will be similar to TheContinuum. My heart was broken when it stopped. Will be checking in daily to see updates!

  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    Nice to see you guys, @Xeru & @RitchieNick-- as you guys check out what Paragons is all about, don't forget to read this and this for some early info. And we'll be sharing more and more as the days follow...!

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  • XivlviXXivlviX Posts: 10 Adventurer
    Unsure of my old TC username...I know I was much less...passive than I am now. Caused a lot of arguments, found a string of text that disabled global chat...Enjoyed that game in a way that completely annihilated a year or two of my life. I know my old avatar was like the ranger guy avatar and my favorite unit was the blue rarity tribal fighter dude with red hair and, I believe, a spear. Man, memory lane. 
  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    Welcome, Xiv! Looking forward to both your passive good nature and your feedback (even if not passive) as we develop this project!
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  • XivlviXXivlviX Posts: 10 Adventurer
    It certainly is a good thing that "good" is such a broad term =P
    I look forward to another great game, and hope that I can contribute to its improvement however I am able.
  • LendonosLendonos Posts: 1 Mendicant
    Hello all, I am Lendonos, a long time Roleplayer, and a never TC player. Xiv, my Dungeon Master, is actually how I got here. I love seeing new games take off, especially ones that the players are involved with.
  • TalinTalin Posts: 22 Adventurer
    Hello all, I am Talin. I have been playing D&D since Gen Con of 1974 when Dave Arneson invited a bunch of us kids to sit around playing his new game. I have played nearly every RPG that I have seen, and have a collection (my wife might say horde) of roleplaying games spanning four decades, and 432 cu ft of space. TC was one of my favorite games of all time. I spent more time on it that I did all of the other MMORGs that I played at the time. It is good to see a lot of memorable names, and new ones.

  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    Well met, @Lendonos, and glad that Xiv is spreading the word. Hope you find the "tking off" a memorable experience. I think you'll find some things (and folks) to like here.

    And @Talin, it's been a while-- glad you answered the call! We have much to discover...
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  • DarggieDarggie Posts: 125 Adventurer
    I just realized I have yet to introduce myself to those who have yet to meet me. 

    I went by Darggie on TC, a few of you might know me. I recognize a lot of old names and faces from those days, and it puts a smile on my face to remember the role playing and hilarious chat banter.

    My name is James, and turned 25 over half a year ago. (Yeah, I was young when TC was around originally). 

    Currently I'm buying a house. For those of you who remember Spacegoats, it's his mothers house. He's one of my closest friends and basically brother in the real world. 

    I've been an avid gamer since I was like... 8-9. I started off playing Diablo and Diablo 2 (Don't be mad at my parents, they try to be good people haha). I played Diablo 2 for around 7-8 years. If you played US East. My username was Dargos 7, you probably ran into me, I lived in the game.

    I currently play Diablo 3, League of legends, and a smattering of other games. Soon to play Halo 5 and Fallout 4. (Will gladly add anyone who plays)

    I worked at Tim Horton Children's Foundation camp for 4 years here local in my town. It is a camp for underprivileged children, and one of the best experiences in my life. I've worked factory jobs, distribution facilities, and call centers. I'm currently in between jobs, so if anyone needs a hard working, dedicated employee, let me know. :) 

    I've been playing AD&D 2nd edition since I was 14 or 15. It kind of blends together now. I am now a DM more then a player, though being the player is still my favorite part. 

    I enjoy reading more then anything, and my current favorite series is The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss. I was giddy like a super-fan when he replied to one of my comments on his facebook page a few months ago. Literally told everyone I saw for like 2 days about it.

    I also am currently awaiting the next book in The Dresden Files and The Song of Fire and Ice. (As well as quite a few more, but the grumble in my stomach is inhibiting my ability to remember them at this time),

    I guess that about all for now, but if anyone has any questions for me. Please ask away, I'm not a shy or overly private person. 
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  • EmyrEmyr Posts: 12 Mendicant

    I used to play TC in the beta phase, can't remember what my username was but really enjoyed the game. Really sad to see it go but was overjoyed to see the email from Wiz about Paragons.

    I tended to play along themes in the old one rather than try to build a 'killer' army so that may twig a few peoples memory as I did tend to go on about it back then.

    I'm Welsh and will tend to point it out whenever possible to expand the worlds knowledge of the Welsh and if you have any questions queries on Wales, will be more than happy to help.

    I think that's enough for the time being see you all around.

  • KjelfalconerKjelfalconer Posts: 99 Adventurer

    Holy shit we're in the same time zone. This is unheard of. Inconceivable even! The resultant rifts in the space time continuum must surely have caused 4 oddly familiar planes to get mashed into a single messy ball and- wait, where have I heard this before?
    "Now remember kids- If you don't use environmentally friendly technology, a giant technicolour inter-dimensional ghost squid will come down from space and eat everybody."
  • EmyrEmyr Posts: 12 Mendicant

    @kjelfalconer I'm sure there are rules around people being in the same time zone.

    Think this might be a case for @theWizard !

  • joekyjoeky Posts: 56 Adventurer

    Hi Wiz,

    Joeky over here....good to know that YOU are back....

  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    Hey there @joeky! Welcome to the fold. Stay tuned in the next couple of days for new news, new name and updates. We're gonna be doing a ton in the next couple of weeks! Should be fun.
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  • TyraelTyrael Posts: 7 Mendicant
    im tyrael from istanbul,turkey
    41 years old and still around here and there...
    nice to see old and new friends <flashbacks to the continuum>
  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    Hello good @Tyrael! Excellent to have you here-- let me know what you think as you get acquainted with what this game is all about... 
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  • SpacegoatsSpacegoats Posts: 20 Adventurer
    Hello everyone! I am Spacegoats! If you aren't sure what that is imagine a goat with a space helmet and jet pack on. Pretty simple. Also ruler of the Spacegoatian Empire and enforcer of @Darggie and his crying... Which he does a lot. I'm from the continuum days (also known as the best days). 

    I am looking forward to this game a great deal (and it had better be on Android @TheWizard ) but I probably won't be around in the beginning. I'll be busy hiking for six months so I'll have to trust you all to make it great while I'm gone! Good luck everyone!
    Grand leader of the glorious Spacegoatian Empire!
  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    You are always welcome, oh goat of space. And yes, you will be able to play on your Android device, so no worries.

    Keep tabs on this game and community-- @darggie needs his handler and this game needs your input!
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  • snufftbunzsnufftbunz Posts: 8 Mendicant
    I'm snufftbunz 'n I like nerdy shiz and cool games- and this seems to be a combination of the two! Can't wait to see where this project goes in the future!
  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
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    Hello good Snufftbunz! Welcome to Embermark and the development process we're going through together!

    And yes-- there will be both of the elements you like here-- lots. Given our discussion on Twitter, I look forward to your input! Jump into any of the threads and give us your feedback on any and all. In no time, we'll be introducing Houses and the opportunity to help forge that system...
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  • snufftbunzsnufftbunz Posts: 8 Mendicant
    Awesome! I'll definitely do that!
  • BoomvangBoomvang Posts: 40 Adventurer
    I'm Boomvang and I'm here because I have a tendency to follow little bearded men in pointy hats ( @TheWizard ) from game to game!
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