Finish Him! Or not?

So my mind was wandering along the pargons path and I started thinking about the realities of all these player characters dueling each other. In a lot of games, you fight someone, you beat them, they die. But how does that work with Paragons when the player character continues on as a permanent entity?

Is it a yield system rather than a death system? Can I die? If I die, do I lose all my progress and have to restart? If I yeild, and the other player kills me anyway, do they develop a reputation of being an asshole?

My minions can die yes? But I can not? Why? Can I be injured? Am I dueling to first blood?

I'm really trying to just get my head into the lore behind that kind of game play.

I assume it's a little bit like professional sports, we might be dueling, but not to the death. We are dueling to defeat. But wouldn't it be cool, if that were the norm, if I were able to break it and straight up kill someone -- with all the horrifying consequences for myself and my victim that entails. Imagine the kind of chatter that would generate amongst the player-base.

What if death becomes an option once you reach a high enough level, you can make it a high-stakes game yes?

Wizzie and Finji have been rivals for a very long time, finally after months of back and forth slanderous comments, Wizzie challenges Finji to a no-rules duel, last man standing, winner take all type thing...

Wizzie fights honorably, more fool him. Finji kicks him in the nuts, throws dirt in his eyes, and chops off his head.

Wizzie's character is dead... but his minions have some magic tricks up their sleeve and have managed to save part of his soul-thing for restoring -- but at a much lower xp level.

Would this cause to much grief? Would it be fun or would everyone hate it? Would it cause people to quit the game? Or, would stakes like this increase competition?

Also, injuries? If I'm running around putting the boot into everyones delicates, can I break my toe? -1dex for the next couple of hours? Could Wizzie strain an eyebrow from having to raise it all the time? -1 wisdom 2 hours...

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  • helpicantflyhelpicantfly Posts: 111 Adventurer
    @TheWizard @Finjinimo
    my main concern would be the high lvl s taking advantage of newbies .
     i don t know if i d be happy that my paragon character died and i got reduced down lvls/xp after all am sure it going to be hard going gaining them.i think i d be happier if i had a maybe like u get to lvl 5 u cant get reduced down lower than this lvl.then u fight upto next set lvl maybe 10 then 15 etc but maybe that s just the same as being reduced ?
    Is it a lvl system so that high player can only fight pick on the same lvl?
    or will it be more like lvl 10 attacks a lvl 2 wins gains 1 xp
     LVL 2 player gains 1000 xp cause he had the cojones to fight.
    lvl 2 attacks lvl 10 wins gains 10000 xp 

    THE xp amounts are purely fictional.
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  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    Now this is very interesting.

    Before I react and brainstorm with you, a caveat: ol @SingmeAsong has an endgame design that I'm very fired up about, and when we share the details, I hope you will be too. And we are planning a competitive mode that is only available to Characters at level cap.  That said, Finji's is a topic interesting precisely because it is fraught with peril. So no one hold me to any of the following:

    Right now, the concept of your Battles with other players is about Victory or Defeat. You can fill in the blanks on the death part of that. Going with Finji's suggestion, what if-- at ultra high levels and opt-in only-- there was some permanence. I'm a big fan of permanence in games, if it adds to the lore. I'm also a bizarro gamer that isn't dissuaded by losing. Rather it motivates me to learn/practice/endure. 

    I myself would opt-in to a Battle To The Death, where I may come away with a scar, a temporary stat minus, or-- gasp-- a blight on my permanent record, but I know many would not. Seeing the troubled past of a Character in his profile would be of interest to me. And if, long-term, I can overcome those types of things as a combatant, I'd be all in. Would you?

    (Please note that currently, it's all about progression, wins/losses, rankings and Houses in PvP. PvE is about progression, grind and tasty lore. I'm just rolling with permanence I would be interested in as a player)
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  • helpicantflyhelpicantfly Posts: 111 Adventurer
    i always lose way more than i win but it never bothered me as long as i enjoyed the fight.
    SCARS are cool i would have a whole load of them .
    Learn adapt overcome ...........eventually in my case :wink: 
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  • FinjinimoFinjinimo Posts: 264 Hero
    Yes, that's the kind of thing I was thinking Whiz-fizz.

    It would have to be opt-in, of course. But that also creates cool chatter in the player-base, players will become natural villians. Other players will get called out if they constantly talk the talk, but never actually throw down. Keep it high-tier so new players aren't harassed and have time to find their feet before deciding if they want to participate in a high-risk, high-reward duel.

    And you know I'm a big fan of injuries and other permanent things. Flawed characters are the best characters.

    And chicks dig scars right?

    I think, as long as it's not a complete reset, but that you still have quite a bit on the line then this would create some interesting high-tier game play.

    It could also be fun if these types of duels were the only way to increase a specific stat, like "Bad-Ass".

    How did you get so Bad-Ass? I duel to the death, and that's the stat that proves it. 

    How did you get those "Rad Scars" old man Finji? -- ah, well young @helpicantfly , let me tell you a story about the time Wizzy tried to zap me with his wizzarding stick, but I ducked, weeved, and then fly-kicked him in the face.... good times, good times.

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  • helpicantflyhelpicantfly Posts: 111 Adventurer
    @Finjinimo i like it it made me smile .
    i like the way it flows.
    do feel free to carry on with the story i may not reply but be interesting to read 
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  • BoomvangBoomvang Posts: 40 Adventurer
    I love this idea! Would/could these "battles to the death" be viewable to others? Perhaps an arena of sorts where the participants houses could charge a fee to "attend"?
  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    Now you're talking. A little replay action on the battles that really matter? Could be a thing where a House picks a "Champion" each season (or ChampionS), an event where the permanence is both a thing to spectate and a badge of honor ongoing.

    The creation of those "wow" moments is an objective here, and I agree with @Finjinimo-- there's something to scars or a Stat ("Badass" is obviously a good start) that increments based on your penchant for real risk. Obviously, the stakes raise on something like this, but it brings up another idea. What if you set you actual Character to "regular" or "BA?" It would be like choosing a PvE or PvP server in an MMO, only you're choosing to be in the no-loss scenario or the "I'm gonna get beat up and it's gonna show" scenario?
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