Who are the Devs? Are they nice? Do they bite? And potential for enlistment/betanerds

THe Topic states two kinda questions with some relation

The first is who are the Devs, I know Wiz and that's it atm lol. And what Dev does what. Which brings my next thought/question of, does the team have any holes in need of being filled and/or, though I don't fit into this, is there any need for an open network to provide beta testing things

if you can't tell, my expertise ends there lol. I will always volunteer tidbits and whatnot but, it doesn't hurt to be curious about seeing if any of us here on the Forum, of small or large contributors, could assist in filling gaps in the team if they exist.


  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    You guys are already an invaluable part of our early development. The constant ideas and reactions to what we're putting together is great, and rest assured-- we'll be tapping into you on testing as we get into a playable state. I'd like to also run some scenarios with you all on some of the systems before they're in the game. 

    So that said, here's the team:

    @singmeasong - Game Design 

    @michaeldko - Engineering

    @bigdirtymitch - Art

    @hardcake - Art

    @anglon - Art & Animation

    @thewizard - Wizarding

    We have a few other folks at the studio in charge of UI and other engineering tasks which I'll introduce shortly. And to your questions, yes they are very nice and no they don't bite (except for ol' Mike D-- gotta watch out for him!) and if you have questions for them, fire away!

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  • XeruXeru Posts: 93 Adventurer
    Very nice :) and I look forward to those phases very much so I notice the team is lacking in writers. Does everyone contribute to the writing team I guess or is the quest for a head writer and writers ongoing?
  • TheWizardTheWizard Posts: 838 Wizard
    The writing is myself and @SingmeAsong. As you can imagine, in a small team, we wear a few extra hats...!
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  • XeruXeru Posts: 93 Adventurer
    It is indeed quite a hat party :)

    dont mind me or my poking btw. I always enjoy contributing what I can ^_^
  • KjelfalconerKjelfalconer Posts: 99 Adventurer
    @Xeru would also like to know age, sex, location, and preferred position.

    I'm joking. I hope.
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