Don't Mind Our Dust...

So you're gonna see all sorts of changes going on that will make you scratch your head on these here forums and on the update blog. The bad news is that if you saved some of these URLs, you're gonna need to change them. The good news is that the game HAS A NEW NAME, and we've made tons of progress and a ridiculous amount of stuff is coming your way.

And yes, @Finjinimo & @Darggie, there will indeed be a new DEV UPDATE. Upon my magicks, so there will.

So feel free to make fun of us as you see all of these changes happen. And hey-- weigh in on the new name. It's chock full of lore that hasn't been revealed yet... (which means the RPG forum will kick back in @Kjelfalconer, oh yes).

I'll SMITE you


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