The Scroll of Smitation

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If you're in this community, you are one of the Marked heroes. And you will come to know this Hammer well, you ornery lot. THE HAMMER OF SMITATION:

This, then, is the Scroll of Smitation. It is a running list of scoundrels who, for one reason or another, have incurred the wrath of the community and been "awarded" the Smite badge. Some call it an honor, some call it a shame, but it is what it is, so BEWARE. Each entry is accompanied by the infraction for all to see and hiss at.

1. @Terheyt - for the heinous crime of Tardiness
2. @roblef - for the outrageous crime of Extortion
3. @drakythe - for pinning @TheWizard's shameful emote in the Discord channel
4. @Evilteddy - for the obvious crime of making fun of TheWizard's social buttons when goaded into it
5. @WhisperSign - for the penultimate crime of rolling (rather unluckily) in a Roll Room during the AMA
I'll SMITE you


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